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Colored Gemstones

Colored Gemstones Special Report

August 01, 2011

This report explores treated gemstones, treated rubies, composite ruby indicators, ruby sanctions, marketing colored gemstones, colored gemstones in India, and fair trade colored gemstones

Inside Sapphires

July 01, 2010

This report explores all aspects of sapphires: Origin, Production and Availability, Heat Treatment, Sources, Growth, Source Type Classification, and Methods of Treatment.

Inside Emeralds

September 01, 2009

This report explores all aspects of emeralds: Production and Availability, Political Instability, Enhancements, Sources and Growth, Gemological/Spectral Classification, and clarity enhancement.

Inside Rubies

December 01, 2008

Everything you could want to know about rubies: The ruby ban, alternative ruby sources, ruby sources and growth, source type classification, and methods of treatment

Inside Aquamarine

May 02, 2008

Learn all about Aquamarine, its color, treatment and design attraction.

Inside Tanzanite

November 02, 2007

All about Tanzanite - attempts to stabilize the market, trading practices and more

Inside Peridot

October 07, 2007

Read about the prettiest Gemstone - Peridot, its color, supply and demand and more

Inside Moonstone

November 03, 2006

Learn about the mystical essence of Moonstone, folklore, gemology, mining, varieties, pricing and more.

Inside Burma Spinel

September 01, 2006

Read about the most fascinating Gemstone in the world - Spinel, its history, gemology, mining, prices, sizes and more.

Inside Tourmaline

August 04, 2006

All about Tourmaline, Canary Yellow, Nigerian Blue, Mozambique tourmalines, size, shape, gemology, Cryo-Genie mine and more

Inside Pearls

June 03, 2005

All about Pearls - Natural Pearl and Quahog Pearl, price, formation, value, and more.

Inside Topaz

October 03, 2004

Learn all about Mystic Topaz – its colorful history, mystic appeal and more

Inside Brazilian Alexandrite

April 02, 2004

All about Alexandrite, its sources, ability to change color, prices, imitations and treatment.

Inside Garnet

April 04, 2003

All about Garnet - Mandarin Orange Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, mining, treatment, prices, gemology and more.

Inside Quartz

September 06, 2002

Read about the Gemstones-Quartz, crystalline vs. synthetic quartz, and more

Inside Burmese Jadeite

August 02, 2002

Read about the most misunderstood Gemstone – Jade - nephrite vs. jadeite, sources, treatments, colors, prices and more.

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