Rapaport Calendar
Happening Today:
International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn (IJT)
10/28/20 - 10/30/20

Gemworld Munich
10/30/20 - 11/01/20

Rapaport Melee Auction
New York & Dubai
10/20/20 - 10/30/20
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10/20/2010/30/20 Auction Rapaport Melee Auction New York & Dubai
10/28/2010/30/20 Show International Jewellery Tokyo Autumn (IJT) Yokohama, Japan
10/30/2011/01/20 Show Gemworld Munich Munich, Germany
11/02/2011/06/20 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
11/02/2011/04/20 Show BGJF Special Edition – On Ground to Online Exhibition Virtual Show
11/03/2011/05/20 Show Feninjer Sao Paulo, Brazil
11/11/2011/18/20 Auction Rapaport Single Stone Auction New York & Israel
11/11/2011/11/20 Holiday Armistice Day Belgium
11/11/2011/11/20 Holiday Veterans Day USA
11/14/2011/14/20 Holiday Diwali India
11/19/2011/23/20 Show Vietnam International Jewelry + Watch (IJV) Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
11/26/2011/26/20 Holiday Thanksgiving USA
11/26/2011/29/20 Show JMA Hong Kong International Jewelry Show Hong Kong, Hong Kong
11/27/2011/30/20 Show Baimu International Jewelry Exhibition Nanjing, China
11/27/2011/28/20 Show Jubinale Christmas Jewellery and Watches Trade Fair Krakow, Poland
11/30/2011/30/20 Holiday Commemoration Day UAE
12/01/2012/01/20 Holiday National Day UAE
12/07/2012/11/20 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
12/08/2012/10/20 Show Delhi Jewellery & Gem Fair New Delhi, India
12/11/2012/18/20 Holiday Hanukkah
12/19/2012/22/20 Show Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) Jaipur, India
12/25/2012/25/20 Holiday Christmas
12/31/2012/31/20 Holiday New Year's Eve
01/01/2101/01/21 Holiday New Year's Day
01/13/2101/16/21 Show International Jewellery Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
01/15/2101/17/21 Show Singapore International Jewelry Expo Hybrid Edition(SIJE) Singapore
01/18/2101/18/21 Holiday Martin Luther King Jr. Day USA
01/18/2101/22/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
01/23/2101/25/21 Show RJO Buying Show Palm Springs, CA, USA
01/26/2101/30/21 Show Centurion Jewelry Show Phoenix, AZ, USA
01/26/2101/26/21 Holiday Republic Day India
01/31/2102/01/21 Show Select Jewelry Show Tuscon, AZ, USA
01/31/2102/01/21 Conference 55th Ace It Winter Conference Tucson, AZ, USA
02/01/2102/04/21 Conference Mining Indaba Cape Town, South Africa
02/02/2102/07/21 Show AGTA GemFair Tucson Tucson, AZ, USA
02/04/2102/07/21 Show Madridjoya Madrid, Spain
02/07/2102/11/21 Show Jewelry & Watch Birmingham Birmingham, United Kingdom
02/11/2102/16/21 Show The Palm Beach Show Palm Beach, FL, USA
02/12/2102/12/21 Holiday Chinese New Year China
02/14/2102/14/21 Holiday Valentine's Day
02/15/2102/15/21 Show Presidents' Day USA
02/19/2102/23/21 Show Naples Art, Antique & Jewelry Show Naples, FL
02/22/2102/26/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
02/23/2102/27/21 Show Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair Bangkok, Thailand
02/26/2102/26/21 Holiday Purim
02/26/2103/02/21 Conference Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO) Orlando, FL, USA
02/28/2102/28/21 Holiday Shushan Purim (Observed)
03/01/2103/05/21 Show Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show Hong Kong
03/03/2103/07/21 Show Hong Kong International Jewellery Show Hong Kong
03/06/2103/08/21 Show Atlanta Jewelry Show Atlanta, GA, USA
03/11/2103/11/21 Holiday Lailat ul-Miraj
03/12/2103/16/21 Show Original Miami Beach Antique Show Miami Beach, FL, USA
03/12/2103/16/21 Show Palakiss Winter Vicenza, Italy
03/12/2103/16/21 Show Vicenzaoro & T.Gold Vicenza, Italy
03/13/2103/16/21 Show China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair Shenzhen, China
03/22/2103/26/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
03/22/2103/24/21 Show Jewelers International Showcase (JIS) Miami Beach, FL, USA
03/25/2103/28/21 Show Istanbul Jewelry Show Istanbul, Turkey
03/28/2104/04/21 Holiday Passover
03/29/2103/29/21 Holiday Holi
04/02/2104/02/21 Holiday Good Friday
04/04/2104/04/21 Holiday Easter
04/04/2104/05/21 Holiday Qingming Festival Hong Kong
04/05/2104/05/21 Holiday Easter Monday
04/06/2104/10/21 Show Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show Sharjah, UAE
04/08/2104/08/21 Holiday Yom HaShoah Israel
04/10/2104/13/21 Show Oroarezzo Arezzo, Italy
04/13/2105/12/21 Holiday Ramadan
04/14/2104/14/21 Holiday Yom HaZikaron Israel
04/15/2104/15/21 Holiday Yom HaAtzmaut Israel
04/16/2104/19/21 Show Malaysia International Jewellery Fair (Spring Edition) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
04/25/2104/25/21 Holiday Mahavir Jayanti
04/26/2104/28/21 Show AGS Conclave Louisville, KY, USA
05/01/2105/01/21 Holiday Labor Day International
05/03/2105/07/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
05/08/2105/10/21 Show Palakiss Spring Vicenza, Italy
05/09/2105/09/21 Holiday Mother's Day USA
05/13/2105/13/21 Holiday Ascension Day Belgium
05/13/2105/13/21 Holiday Eid al-Fitr
05/17/2105/18/21 Holiday Shavuot
05/19/2105/19/21 Holiday Buddha's Birthday Hong Kong
05/23/2105/23/21 Holiday Pentecost
05/24/2105/24/21 Holiday Whit Monday Belgium
05/31/2105/31/21 Holiday Memorial Day USA
06/02/2106/07/21 Show Luxury (JCK) Las Vegas, NV, USA
06/03/2106/07/21 Show Couture Show Las Vegas, NV, USA
06/03/2106/07/21 Show Las Vegas Antique Jewelry & Watch Show Las Vegas, NV, USA
06/04/2106/07/21 Show JCK Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV, USA
06/07/2106/11/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
06/10/2106/12/21 Show Jubinale Summer Jewellery and Watches Trade Fair Krakow, Poland
06/14/2106/14/21 Holiday Dragon Boat Festival China
06/20/2106/20/21 Holiday Father's Day USA
06/24/2106/27/21 Show Jewellery & Gem ASIA Hong Kong Hong Kong
07/01/2107/01/21 Holiday Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day Hong Kong
07/04/2107/04/21 Holiday Independence Day USA
07/08/2107/10/21 Show Singapore International Jewelry Expo Singapore
07/10/2107/13/21 Conference Pawn Expo Fort Worth, TX, USA
07/12/2107/16/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
07/16/2107/19/21 Show Malaysia International Jewellery Fair Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
07/17/2107/19/21 Show RJO Buying Show Cincinnati, OH, USA
07/18/2107/18/21 Holiday Tisha B'Av
07/20/2107/20/21 Holiday Eid al-Adha
07/21/2107/25/21 Show InterJeweller Sochi, Russia
07/21/2107/21/21 Holiday Belgian National Day Belgium
08/08/2108/10/21 Show JA New York New York, NY, USA
08/10/2108/10/21 Holiday Al-Hijra
08/13/2108/17/21 Conference Independent Jewelers Conference Kansas City, MO, USA
08/15/2108/15/21 Holiday Assumption Day Belgium
08/19/2108/19/21 Holiday Muharram/Ashura
08/21/2108/23/21 Show AJS Fall Show Atlanta, GA, USA
08/23/2108/27/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
08/28/2108/30/21 Show International Jewellery & Watch Fair Sydney, Australia
09/04/2109/06/21 Show Midora Leipzig Leipzig, Germany
09/06/2109/06/21 Holiday Labor Day USA
09/07/2109/08/21 Holiday Rosh Hashana
09/12/2109/13/21 Show Select Jewelry show Dallas, TX, USA
09/16/2109/16/21 Holiday Yom Kippur
09/17/2109/23/21 Show Jewellery & Gem WORLD Hong Kong Hong Kong
09/21/2109/21/21 Holiday Mid-Autumn Festival China
09/21/2109/27/21 Holiday Sukkot
09/23/2109/26/21 Show Portojoia Matosinhos, Portugal
09/28/2109/29/21 Holiday Shmini Atzeret & Simchat Torah
10/01/2110/01/21 Holiday National Day China
10/02/2110/02/21 Holiday Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti India
10/04/2110/08/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
10/07/2110/10/21 Show Istanbul Jewelry Show Istanbul, Turkey
10/08/2110/11/21 Show Jewelers International Showcase (JIS) Miami Beach, FL, USA
10/11/2110/11/21 Holiday Columbus Day USA
10/14/2110/14/21 Holiday Chung Yeung Festival Hong Kong
10/15/2110/15/21 Holiday Dussehra
10/19/2110/19/21 Holiday Mawlid al-Nabi
10/22/2110/25/21 Show New York City Jewelry & Watch Show (NYC JAWS) New York, NY, USA
10/26/2110/30/21 Show Jewellery & Watch Show (JWS) Abu Dhabi, UAE
10/26/2110/30/21 Show Jewelry & Watch Show Abu Dhabi, UAE
11/01/2111/02/21 Show Select Jewelry Show Mohegan Sun, CT, USA
11/01/2111/01/21 Holiday All Saints' Day Belgium
11/04/2111/04/21 Holiday Diwali
11/08/2111/12/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
11/11/2111/11/21 Holiday Veterans Day USA
11/11/2111/11/21 Holiday Armistice Day Belgium
11/19/2111/19/21 Holiday Guru Nanak Jayanti
11/23/2111/27/21 Show Jewellery Arabia Sanabis, Bahrain
11/25/2111/25/21 Holiday Thanksgiving USA
11/29/2112/06/21 Holiday Hanukkah
11/30/2111/30/21 Holiday Commemoration Day UAE
12/02/2112/03/21 Holiday UAE National Day UAE
12/06/2112/10/21 Sight De Beers Sight Gaborone, Botswana
12/18/2112/20/20 Show Hyderabad Jewellery & Gem Fair Hyderabad , India
12/25/2112/25/21 Holiday Christmas
12/26/2112/26/21 Holiday Boxing Day
12/31/2112/31/21 Holiday New Year's Eve
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