Rapaport Fair Trade Conference at Baselworld 2010

Damien CodyDamien Cody
Director, Cody Opal

As a young student Damien developed a passion for gemstones. He collected rocks, fossils and minerals from around Australia and cut opal in his spare time. After completing a Diploma in Business studies he worked in the Insurance and Financial Services sectors where he held senior executive positions with a number of leading international organizations. He was a founding Fellow of the Australian Sales Institute. His passion eventually led him to the opal industry where he is a Director of Cody Opal (Australia), a leading Australian opal exporting company. He is also Managing Director of The National Opal Collection, a company which operates retail opal stores and museums in Australia. The National Opal Collection was featured in a 12 month exhibition at the GIA in America and the exhibition is currently touring Japan. His companies have won Government Export and Tourism Awards for excellence in these fields. He has held various positions with the ICA including Executive Ambassador to the Board and member of various ICA Committees. Damien is serving his third term as ICA Ambassador to Australia.

Jean Claude MichelouJean Claude Michelou
President, Imperial Colors Resources Corp

View Jean Claude Michelou's Presentation,
"Colored Gemstones from Mine to Market: Ethical Trade and Mining"

Jean Claude Michelou, ICA'S Vice President has been active in Colombian emerald trading, cutting and export since 1977 and more recently as a consultant for USAID and the World Bank where he worked on the development of infrastructures and policies from mine to market for the gemstone industry of Pakistan. He is currently the Country consultant for the gemstone sector of the World Bank Sustainable Management of Mineral Resources Project in Nigeria. He is also working on the development of Fair and Ethical Trade and Mining Standards and certification models as well as Social responsibilities initiatives for Artisanal and Small Scale mining communities. He is the chairman of the ICA faire trade and Ethical Mining committee and his heading the GILC commission on the same subject He is also ICA’s Director of Communications and the Editor-in-Chief of ICA’s InColor magazine.

Patrick ScheinPatrick Schein
Board Member, Alliance for Responsible Mining

View Patrick Schein's Presentation, "Fairtrade and Fairmined Gold"
(Pictures credits: Felix Hruschka, Kike Arnal, Ronald de Hommel,
and Patrick Schein. Picture use is subject to ARM's authorization.)

Patrick Schein is a French entrepreneur, graduated in Finance/Marketing, and active in the precious metals industry for 30 years. He founded in 1992 a Precious Metal Trading Company operating its own refinery in Paris. His business activities brought him to be in contact with ASM networks around Africa and South America and since 2004 he is working on how to adapt Fair Trade Principles to Gold in order to increase the revenues of the small producers. He assisted the UNIDO (Global Mercury Program) as an expert, analyzing how fair trade Gold could alleviate poverty in the ASM sector and consulted also for a mid size French Guiana gold mine. Patrick is a member of the Executive Board of the Alliance of Responsible Mining and of the FAIRMINED and FAIRTRADE Gold Standard Committee. He is promoting the distribution of artisanal responsible mining gold to the jewelry industry.

Garavelli DesignElisabetta Molina
Owner, Garavelli Aldo srl Jewelry

View Elisabetta Molina's Presentation, "Garavelli"

Garavelli is one of the oldest jewelry producers in Italy and was established in 1920. The Company’s Collection comprises classic and designed jewelry, made by skilled artisans with the geniality of a modern designer: they work with 18kt gold, diamonds and colored stones and create magnificent necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches and watches. The emphasis is always on achieving the highest qualities in style, manufacturing, finishing and materials.

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