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Rapaport Laboratory Services
VIP Service Receive our personalized customer care, shipping and assistance
Gemology Experience our technical support and gemological assistance
Sales Upload your diamonds straight onto RapNet New Certs before they are back from the lab

Rapaport Laboratory Services helps you ship your diamonds for grading to the best
labs in the world from Mumbai, Surat, Ramat Gan and Antwerp.

GIA Lab Direct

GIA Lab Direct
Servicing all GIA locations, Rapaport GIA LabDirect combines efficiency with a fully personalized service for each of our clients. In addition, a fully dedicated LabDirect website by Rapaport – enables clients to manage their grading services online – 24/7, track the status of diamonds, then view diamond details in excel tables, receive reports automatically in a pdf or jpeg format and upload to RapNet directly.
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HRD Antwerp Express

HRD Laboratories
Rapaport offices worldwide provide access to grading by HRD Antwerp Institute Of Gemology. We offer clients logistical and customer support services. Extensive customer support. Our services include consolidated shipping, insurance and local currency billing.
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RAPLAB® offers our clients the expertise, convenience and technological sophistication of our Rapaport diamond grading laboratory. Our gemological laboratory efficiently and securely evaluates the quality of your diamonds using the latest technology. Online access to verify reports and high definition images are provided.
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