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GIA Lab Direct

GIA Lab DirectGIA LabDirect allows you to use the convenience of a local Rapaport office to send your diamonds for grading to the GIA – the most prestigious grading laboratory in the world. Our website enables you to track the status of your diamonds on line in real time. You can even view grading and recheck results as they become available.

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General Information

GIA laboratories are world renowned for the most professional grading of diamonds and gems. GIA grading is performed confidentially, thoroughly, and with utmost integrity and impartiality. These standards have made GIA grading reports into the symbol of credibility and excellence in the diamond industry. The Rapaport Group is the official GIA LabDirect service provider in Belgium, India, Israel and other countries. All you need to do is drop of your diamond at our office and we will take care of everything else.
  • Rapaport allows for easy shipment and fast acceptance of diamonds into GIA.
  • Fully customized website provided by Rapaport – enables clients to manage their grading services online – 24/7, track the status of diamonds, then view diamond details in excel tables, receive reports automatically in a pdf or jpeg format and upload directly to RapNet – Rapaport Diamond Trading Network.
  • The grading service, including shipment takes between 14 – 21 working days which is identical to the time it takes in NY or California.
  • Rapaport’s staff handle each customer with care and discretion.

The GIA Diamond Dossier

The GIA Diamond Dossier is a grading report issued for diamonds within the GIA D-to-Z color grading scale that weigh less than 2.00 carat, but more than 0.18 carat. The Dossier includes GIA’s authoritative analysis of a diamond’s 4Cs – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. As an added security benefit, the Dossier service includes a microscopic laser inscription of the Dossier’s identification number on the girdle of the diamond, connecting the diamond and the report together.
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