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European Gemological Center (EGC) and
European Gemological Laboratory (EGL)

8 Shoam Street, Ramat Gan 52521
T: 972.3.612.1375    F: 972.3.612.1376
W: www.egc-labs.com    E: mail@egl-platinum.com

OWNERS: Menahem Sevdermish and Avi Meirom
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading with EGL certificates. Gem identification and grading. Appraisal of diamonds, gems and jewelry.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Elaborate tailor-made digital photography system allows lab to insert a digital photograph of the stone into the certificate and email it upon request. In addition, this sophisticated system includes software that appraises the stone according to a weekly updated diamond price list built into the system.
SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond grading, gem identification and grading, appraisals of diamonds, gems and jewelry. Precertification evaluation of large groups of stones.
CERTIFICATE/REPORT: Standard EGL certificate includes weight, shape, measurements, proportions (total depth, table width, crown height, pavilion depth, girdle thickness), finish (polish, symmetry, culet), clarity grade, color grade, fluorescence and comments.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Courses for grading, sorting and appraising rough and polished diamonds and precious stones. Special one-on-one manager training course. Along with the EGC’s predecessor, the original GIPS lab and college, there has been a gemological college in existence for 26 years. Various gemological courses with curriculum based on Menahem Sevdermish’s book: The Dealer’s Book of Gems and Diamonds.

Gemological Center Ltd. (GCI)
Diamond Exchange, Maccabi Building
1 Jabotinsky St, Ramat Gan 52520
T: 972.3.751.4782    F: 972.3.613.2651
W: www.gci-labs.com    E: gci@gci-gem.com

CONTACT: Yehuda Yacar, G.G (GIA, U.S.)
OWNER: American International Investment Group
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading, gem identification and jewelry certification.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: The latest technology to improve the process of grading and identification, while creating the most efficient environment. Gem identification equipment includes OGI MegaScope, laser machine, hearts & arrows analysis scope, DiamondSure, spectrophotometer analysis system, FTIR, digital photography system, brilliance scope.
SERVICES OFFERED: Certificate verification, large-volume diamond grading for national chain stores and small independent jewelers, education for consumers in gems and jewelry, minicerts, laser marking, technical consulting, insurance assessment, preliminary examinations, up/down sorting, precertification evaluation of large groups of stones from single cut up to finished product, diamond certificates (minicertificate, full certificate), colored diamond grading, diamond color treatment detection, identification report, jewelry certificate for mounted stones, gem identification and origin detection, HPHT, CVD and clarity enhancement identification, laser inscription, sealing services.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Diamond and gem grading reports include description, shape and cut, weight, measurements, girdle, culet, symmetry, polish, fluorescence, color, clarity, cut grade and full proportion description.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Diploma courses in diamond grading, colored stones, gem identification and grading, rough diamond sorting, marking and evaluation, including new technologies and computerization in the diamond industry. Private classes are held in all languages.

International Gemological Institute (IGI) Israel
Yahalom Building, room 3178 ~ 3182
Tuval 21, Ramat Gan 52520
T: 972.3.756.4200    F: 972.3.613.7231
W: www.igiworldwide.com    E: israel@igiworldwide.com

CONTACT: Amir Ben Shahal, managing director
See Belgium, IGI Antwerp for details.

Technical Gem Laboratory (TGL)
Diamond Exchange, Maccabi Building
1 Jabotinsky St, Ramat Gan 52520
T: 972.3.751.4782    F: 972.3.613.2651
W: www.gci-labs.com    E: gci@gci-labs.com

CONTACT: Tatsushi Jogan
OWNER: Kunihiko Jogan G.G. (GIA, U.S.)
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading and gem identification.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Standard gemological equipment for diamond grading and FTIR spectrometer analyzer, DiaMension.
SERVICES OFFERED: Education for consumers in gems and jewelry.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: All data about 4Cs according to GIA standards, plotting of inclusions and blemishes, cut grades according to AGL standards.

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