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Gemmological Center Gemexim Ltd.

(Russian State Geological Prospecting University)
Russia 117997, Moscow, Miklukho-Maklaya Str., 23
T: 7.495.280.0437    F: 7.495.280.0437
W: www.gigia.ru    E: education@gigia.ru

CONSULTING DIVISIONS: Moscow, Center-Yuvelir retail firm, Olimpiyski Pr., 22; 2nd
GENERAL DIRECTOR: Yulia Petrovna Solodova
SPECIALIZATION: Gemology of rough and polished diamonds, gems, pearls, amber and other organic gems; independent expertise on gems and jewelry, gemstone research.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Gemological microscope, immersion microscope, refractometer, polariscope, dichroscope, spectroscope, proportionscope, colorscope, GEMmodule, diamond tester, moissanite tester, gold tester, diamond master sets, UV lamps, UV-Vis spectrophotometer, X-ray, GIA Gem Set.
SERVICES OFFERED: Gems expertise, consulting on diagnostics and preliminary evaluation of gems and jewelry, consulting on gemological instruments, in particular, complex of instruments, mineralogy, geology, new materials, collection minerals.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Diagnostics and evaluation of gems, rough and polished diamonds by Russian system and GIA system; description of jewelry pieces and preliminary evaluation.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: A nonprofit education organization at gemological chair of the Russian State Gemological Prospecting University (RSGPU), Gemmological Institute. Diagnostics and evaluation of colored stones, polished diamond expertise, evaluation of pearls, amber and other organic gems, rough diamond classification and evaluation, a number of GIA educational programs in Russian and English.

Gemological Center of Moscow State University
(Department of Geology)

Russia 119991, Moscow, GSP - 1, Leninskie Gory,
Head building of MSU, Department of Geology, office 429
T: 7.495.939.4973/1070    F: 7.495.932.8894
W: http://www.gem-center.ru, www.gemexpert.ru    E: expert@geol.msu.ru

Affiliated lab: Gemstone Certification Center.
Russia 125493, Moscow, Smolnaya Str. 12

DIRECTOR OF CENTER: Prof. Arnold Marfunin
SPECIALIZATION: Gemological education, gemstone research, testing lab,consulting.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Gemological microscope, immersion microscope, D-Scope, refractometer, dichroscope, polariscope, spectroscope, GIA Gem Set,Gem-E-Wizard, Munsell color book, diamond color master sets, UV lamps, UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometers, Raman spectrometer, Raman microscope,D-Screen, luminescent spectrometer, chemical analyses (microprobe), colored cathodoluminescence, electron spin resonance, X-ray equipment, Helium Polish diamond measurement system.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Identification report, diamond report, gemstone testing report, jewelry report, minireport, certificate for loose diamond and emeralds. Grading according to Russian and international systems. System of gem treatment identification and disclosure.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: University degree in gemology, colored stones program, diamond grading program, rough diamonds program and jewelry evaluation program.

Gemological Center Inc. (GCI)
[formerly International Gemological Center Ltd. (IGC)]
Diamond Exchange, Almazniy mir
Suite 2024, 12 Smolnay Street, Moscow
T: 7.495.452.2278    F: 7.495.452.3376
Affiliated lab: Russia 125493, Moscow, Smolnaja Str. 12
W: www.igc-labs.com    E: igclab@mail.ru

CONTACT: Inna Hohlovkin, G.G., manager
OWNER: International Gemological Center (IGC) Ltd.
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading and gem identification.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: The latest technology to improve the process of grading and identification, while creating the most efficient environment. Our lab is equipped with the highest standard gem identification equipment, including the OGIMega and OGIScope, laser, hearts & arrows analysis scope and DiamondSure.
SERVICES OFFERED: Certificate verification, large-volume diamond grading for national chain stores and small independent jewelers, education for consumers in gems and jewelry, laser marking, technical consulting, insurance assessment, preliminary examinations, up/down sorting, precertification evaluation of large groups of stones from single cut up to finished product, diamond certificates (minicertificate, full certificate), colored diamond grading, diamond color treatment detection, identification report, jewelry certificate for mounted stones, gem identification, HPHT, CVD and clarity enhancement identification.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: All data about 4Cs, plotting of inclusions and blemishes, cut grades according to GIA standards and Russian standards.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Diploma courses in diamond grading, rough diamond (sorting, marking and evaluation), including new technologies and computerization in the diamond industry. Private classes are held in all languages.

Moscow Gemmological Certification Center
(Division of Russian Assay Chamber at Financial Ministry)
Russia, 123104, Moscow, Malaya Bronnaya Str. 18
T/F: 7.495.650.7253
W: www.assaygem.ru    E: mosgemcentr@mailfrom.ru

DIRECTOR: Boris Pavlovich Borisov
SPECIALIZATION: Polished diamond certification.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Standard samples of polished, usual gemological instruments.
SERVICES OFFERED: Polished diagnostic, identification, certification, gemological expertise and consulting at evaluation.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Cert document includes: cut, carat, measure and proportions, clarity, color, fluorescence, inside and outside defects.

(Gemmological Certification Center at State-Owned Special Design and Technological Bureau Kristall)
Address: 214031,Smolensk, Shkadov st. 2
T: 7.4812.31.69.00    F: 7.4812.35.75.27
W: www.smolgem.ru    E: smolgemc@smoltelecom.ru

DIRECTOR: Anatoly Bocharov
SPECIALIZATION: Polished diamonds certification.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: The latest technology, standard samples of polished, usual gemological instruments.
SERVICES OFFERED: Polished diagnostic, identification, certification, gemological expertise and consulting, wholesale and retail of polished diamonds, diamond treatment, checking for hearts & arrows effect in diamonds with special equipment, proportions measurements with Diaport system.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Certificate includes cut, carat, measure and proportions, clarity, color, fluorescence, inside and outside defects.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Expert on polished diamonds certification. 

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