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American Gemological Laboratories (AGL)

580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 706
New York, NY 10036
T: 212.704.0727    F: 212.764.7614
W: www.aglgemlab.com    E: agl@aglgemlab.com

CONTACTS: Christopher P. Smith, Maria Frances
OWNER: Established in 1977. Privately owned and operated.
DIRECTOR: Christopher P. Smith
SPECIALIZATION: The U.S.’s most experienced colored stone laboratory, AGL is focused exclusively on the examination and reporting of colored stones and is committed to the highest testing and scrutiny standards. It is also the U.S.’s first country-of-origin laboratory. In addition, it provides tailored reporting options for particularly valuable and unique gems and items of jewelry. AGL identification and origin reports are frequently featured in the sales of the major auction houses and utilized by major retailers across the U.S.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: All standard gemological instrumentation for routine testing, in addition to advanced analytical instrumentation, including Nicolet 6700 and Bruker Alpha FTIR spectrometers, Ocean Optics USB4000 and Spectral Instruments multichannel UV, Vis and NIR spectrometers (MCS), Perkin-Elmer Lambda 950 UV-Vis-NIR grating spectrometer, Thermo ARL Quant’X EDXRF spectrometer, Renishaw system 1000 Raman spectrometer, Nikon SMZ 1500 digital imaging microscope, DiamondView, deep short-wave UV imaging system. In addition, the lab collaborates with outside organizations for additional analyses when necessary, including LA-ICP-MS, SEM-EDS, as well as others.
SERVICES OFFERED: Full-service testing and reporting of colored stones, with lab reports for individual or multiple colored stones, loose or mounted in jewelry, that detail the identification and enhancement of an item, its country of origin and full quality assessment.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: A variety of reporting formats to accommodate a range of budgets and allow for items of distinction to receive individual attention.
• The staple full-page laminated Prestige report is separated into specific parts, with room for additional comments and information in each section.
The first level of reporting covers full identification and enhancement detection and disclosure. Due to the current situation in the marketplace, where certain gem varieties are routinely treated or enhanced and others are not, as well as the compound nature of many treatment methods today, AGL divides enhancement into two categories: standard enhancement and additional enhancement. The extent of treatments, such as clarity enhancement, is provided, using such descriptions as insignificant, faint, moderate, etc. In addition, filling materials are identified in such gems as emerald, ruby and other gem varieties. A stability index is also provided for information as to the general stability of the treatment under conditions of normal wear.
The second-level report is the Prestige Origin report, which provides a determination of the gemstone’s country of origin or provenance, in addition to the full identification and enhancement of the item. Country-of-origin services are commonly provided for ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite and a selection of other gem varieties, but this service is not available for all gem varieties.
The third level of reporting is the Prestige Full-Grading report, which addresses all quality factors, in addition to the identification and enhancement. A country-of-origin determination may or may not be included as per the request of the client and policy of the laboratory. This report evaluates the color, clarity and cutting of a gemstone using AGL’s proprietary grading standards, in addition to a Total Quality Integration Rating (TQIR), which is a simplified verbal description intended to communicate the overall “quality” of gemstone. These quality considerations are specific to the gem variety submitted and include such factors as size, provenance (if requested), the presence or absence of treatments, color, clarity and cutting.
• A simplified, and lower-cost, identification and enhancement GemBrief report is a credit-card-sized format that provides full identification of an item and simplified enhancement information that exceeds all Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements for proper disclosure. A GemBrief does not quantify the extent of clarity enhancement nor identify the specific filler(s) that may have been used, nor is the country of origin a part of this level of service. For such information, the level of service must be upgraded to a Prestige report. Size limitations do apply for specific gem varieties and additional testing requirements may also apply.
• For rare, unique and truly exceptional gems and articles of jewelry, AGL has developed a special book format -— the JewelFolio™ -— that is intended for the end consumer. It provides an overview of the specific gem variety and region from which it comes, with additional information on the history and conditions that led to its position in the marketplace. Also provided are spectroscopic data and images of the specific gem or jewelry article.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: AGL staff contributes regularly to various trade publications to pass on the latest findings of its research and regularly participates in various industry conference general education presentations and workshops on colored stones, their identification, treatment detection and origin determination.

American Gem Society Gemological Laboratories (AGSL)
8917 W. Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89117
T: 702.233.6120    F: 702.233.6125
W: www.agslab.com    E: support@agslab.com

CONTACT: Dennis Mette, Operations Director
OWNER: The American Gem Society (AGS).
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading with an emphasis on performance-based cut grading. Cut grade on fancy shapes.
SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond Quality® Documents, Diamond Quality® Reports, Diamond Quality Analysis, Diamond Consultation™ and laser inscription. Grading services for natural and synthetic diamonds.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Offered through AGS, they include Registered Supplier, Registered Jeweler, Certified Gemologist, Certified Gemologist Appraiser and Certified Sales Associate.

Analytical Gemology and Jewelry (AG&J)
48 West 48th Street, #905A, New York, NY 10036
T: 212.759.1098
W: www.agandj.com E: dusan@agandj.com

OWNER: Dusan Simic
DIRECTOR: Dusan Simic
CONTACTS: Dusan Simic, dusan@agandj.com
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond research and development, loose or mounted melee identification, HPHT, irradiation and annealing, multistep process and synthetic diamonds (identification and verbal report within three hours), analysis of treatments outcome, prediction and recommendations.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: FTIR Bruker, range of spectrometers, including UV-Vis-NIR, range of light sources, including xenon, mercury, different LED, tungsten, 405, 488, 514 lasers, microscopes, including Leica S8APO and Leica S6E, Macbeth Judge II color grading box.
SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT: InVia Raman spectroscope (Renishaw), Spot-Flex fluorescence camera.
SERVICES OFFERED: Melee diamond identification, melee diamond typing for IIa and Ib, diamond identification (verbal report within three hours).
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Certified sealed parcels, sealed identification reports, diamond typing reports, research reports.

EGL USA Gemological Laboratory
New York — Main Office:
580 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2700

New York, NY 10036
T: 212.730.7380    F: 212.730.7453
W: www.eglusa.com    E: info@eglusa.com

Los Angeles:
550 South Hill Street, Suite 840
Los Angeles, CA 90013

T: 213.534.2223    F: 213.534.2224
W: www.eglusa.com    E: info@eglusa.com

OWNER: Private Ownership
DIRECTORS: Mitchell Jakubovic (NY) and Yaakov Tversky (LA)
SPECIALIZATION: Comprehensive analysis of loose and mounted diamonds, colored diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls, in addition to identification of treatments and enhancements in diamonds, colored diamonds and colored gemstones. Distinct reports for lab-grown diamonds and enhanced diamonds, as well as the evaluation of light performance of diamonds, and cut grade on round and princess diamonds.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Hirox specialized camera system, PhotoScribe cold laser inscription and laser engraving technology, VeriGem by ImaGem light performance technology and radioactivity detector.
SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT: State-of-the-art gemological equipment selected for its precision and nondestructive functionality, including: Bruker Tracer III ED/SD XRF chemical analysis system, Thermo infrared spectrometer and UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Raman photoluminescence spectrometer, Adamas visible and photoluminescence spectrophotometer, Faxitron Schick digital radiography equipment, Sarin DiaMension measurement equipment and DiamondSure. EGL USA also uses traditional gemological equipment, including: Zeiss and Leica binocular stereo microscopes, polariscopes, dichroscopes; refractometers, spectroscopes, fiber-optic instruments, MacBeth Judge light boxes and 10x-corrected hand loupes.
SERVICES OFFERED: A wide variety of comprehensive diamond, colored gemstone and pearl analyses and reports (see certificates/reports listing below), as well as preliminary results and verbal consultations for diamonds and colored gemstones. Laser inscription and engraving, photography, registration and recovery, Jewelry Webguard®, personal appointments and, through its affiliate, Universal Gemological Services, independent appraisals. Services offered to all trade participants, including sightholders, manufacturers, wholesalers, chain stores, retailers, end consumers and the general public.
PRODUCTS OFFERED: An array of reports in a range of sizes and packaging (see certificates/reports listing below) in addition to deluxe display and packaging materials, online resources and “The Diamond Buyer’s Guide,” an easy-to-use brochure designed to help consumers make confident and well-informed buying decisions.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Available for loose diamonds, hearts & arrows diamonds, cut grade diamonds, colored diamonds, environmentally friendly diamonds, enhanced diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, colored gemstones, environmentally friendly colored gemstones and pearls, as well as polished stones mounted in jewelry. Reports can include traditional analyses, as well as documentation of more particular aspects, such as the light performance of diamonds, origin of color for diamonds, sustainable origin of diamonds and colored gemstones, identification and country of origin of colored gemstones, and x-ray analysis of pearls. Analyses are available in both preliminary and final form. Content, ranging from summary overviews to highly detailed gemological studies, is presented in mini-(small), mini plot- (medium), and full-size reports. EGL USA reports are protected by extensive security features, including intricate watermarks, holograms, signatures and concealed elements similar to those used on U.S. currency.
DIAMOND CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Expert diamond analysis is presented in a variety of reports, including the Diamond Report, 10 Star Diamond Report®, Hearts & Arrows Diamond Report, Cut Grade Diamond Report (for round and princess diamonds), 360° Diamond Report® (light performance), Colored Diamond Report, Envira Diamond Report™ (sustainable origin), Enhanced Diamond Report and Lab-Grown Diamond Report.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Educational support provided through traveling seminars and lectures throughout the country.

Gem Certification & Assurance Lab, Inc. (GCAL)
580 Fifth Avenue, Lower Lobby
New York, NY 10036
T: 212.869.8985    F: 212.869.2315
W: www.GemFacts.com, www.DiamondID.com    E: info@gemfacts.com

OWNERS: Donald, Pamela and Angelo Palmieri
SPECIALIZATION: Guaranteed diamond grading certificates (an industry exclusive), customized certificates for branded diamonds, direct assessment optical light performance analysis, Gemprint, ISO 17025 forensic laboratory accreditation, forensic expert services.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Diamond Profile® direct assessment optical light performance, Gemprint, GCAL PhotoSystem for proprietary imaging, Thermo Niton XRF Analyzer for elemental composition analysis, PhotoScribe laser inscription, Sarin proportion analysis, FTIR research, UV-Vis research, DiamondSure and DiamondView.
SERVICES OFFERED: A unique suite of certification, identification, valuation and forensic services for diamonds, gemstones and jewelry. Expert consulting to international banks, government and law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, law and accounting firms, public and private institutions and the news media for identification, quality rating, valuation and auditing of fine gems and jewelry.
• Certification: diamond certification, gemstone identification, precious metals testing, quality assurance.
• Consumer services: jewelry appraisals, Gemprint services and registration, DiamondAudit.™
• Trade services: diamond wholesale price research and publication, auction reporting.
• Expert support: forensic services, litigation support, risk analysis, collateral audits.
• Chain-of-custody services: Source Veritas,™ mine of origin and chain of custody auditing.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Guaranteed diamond grading certificates, gemstone identification reports, jewelry certificates, diamond and gemstone jewelry appraisals, optical light performance reports, hearts & arrows reports, precious metals analysis, cut grade analysis, mine of origin reports, forensic expert reports, recutting and risk analysis reports.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Seminars and workshops for trade groups, associations, private organizations, educational institutions, legal and financial groups.

Gemology Headquarters International (GHI)
169 East Flagler Street
Suite 922, Miami, FL 33131
T: 305.995.5757    F: 305.995.5756
W: www.ghilab.com    E: info@ghilab.com

CONTACT: Chris Burke
OWNER: Private Ownership
SPECIALIZATION: Comprehensive analysis of loose and mounted white diamonds. GHI specializes in the identification of treatments and enhancements in diamonds and provides distinct reports for hearts & arrows and cut grade on round diamonds.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: PhotoScribe cold laser inscription technology and photographic equipment.
SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT: Traditional gemological equipment, selected for its precision and nondestructive functionality, including: Thermo infrared spectrometer and UV-Vis spectrophotometer, Raman photoluminescence spectrometer, Adamas visible and photoluminescence spectrophotometer, Faxitron Schick digital radiography equipment, Sarin DiaMension measurement equipment and DiamondSure. GHI also uses traditional gemological equipment, including: Zeiss and Leica binocular stereo microscopes, polariscopes, dichroscopes, refractometers, spectroscopes, fiber-optic instruments, light boxes and 10x-corrected hand loupes.
SERVICES OFFERED: A variety of comprehensive white diamond analyses and reports (see certificates/reports listing below), preliminary results for white diamonds, as well as laser inscription, photography, personal appointments and appraisals.
PRODUCTS OFFERED: An array of reports in a range of sizes and packaging (see certificates/reports listing below) in addition to deluxe retail display and packaging materials.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Available for loose white diamonds, hearts & arrows diamonds, cut grade diamonds and polished stones mounted in jewelry. Analyses are available in both preliminary and final form. Content, ranging from summary overviews to highly detailed gemological studies, is presented in mini- (small), mini plot- (medium) and full-size reports.
DIAMOND CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Expert diamond analysis is presented in a variety of reports, including the Diamond Report, 10 Star Diamond Report®, Hearts & Arrows Diamond Report and Cut Grade Diamond Report.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
World Headquarters and The Robert Mouawad Campus
5345 Armada Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008
T: 760.603.4000    F: 760.603.4080
W: www.gia.edu
LABORATORY LOCATIONS: Bangkok, Carlsbad, California, Gaborone, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Mumbai, New York, Ramat Gan and Tokyo. RESEARCH CENTERS: Antwerp, Bangkok, Carlsbad, California, New York. CAMPUS LOCATIONS: Bangkok, Carlsbad, California, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo. REGIONAL BRANCH: Dubai

OWNERS: As a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation under the U.S. tax code, GIA operates independently of commercial and private interests, political lobbies and advocacy groups. Ongoing commitment to gemological research and education, and to the unbiased gemstone evaluation standards it sets and maintains.
LAB SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading, colored diamond grading, colored diamond identification and origin of color, laser inscription of diamonds, identification of gem materials, pearl identification and origin of color, diverse treatment identification for all gem materials, including heating, HPHT, lattice diffusion, irradiation, clarity enhancement, dyeing, coating, etc.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Raman microspectrometer, UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer, multichannel spectrometer, fluorescence spectrometer, EDXRF spectrometer, X-ray powder diffraction camera, LA-ICP-MS spectrometer, FTIR spectrometer, cathodoluminescence equipment and DiamondView.
LAB SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond grading, diamond master color comparison grading, colored diamond grading, colored diamond identification and origin of color, synthetic diamond grading and identification, sealing, sorting, gemological identification, emerald, ruby, tourmaline and sapphire identification and treatment quantification, pearl identification and classification, laser inscription.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Diamond grading report, Diamond Dossier®, diamond eReport, colored diamond grading report, colored diamond identification and origin report, gemological identification report, emerald report, ruby report, tourmaline report, sapphire report, pearl classification report, pearl identification report, synthetic diamond grading report, synthetic colored diamond grading report and synthetic colored diamond report.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: GIA is the premier nonprofit education and research center for gems and jewelry, offering courses and programs at GIA campuses around the world and online. Renowned for its professional diploma programs and courses in gemology, jewelry sales, design, manufacturing and technology. Professional credentials include the Graduate Gemologist (G.G.) diploma, the Accredited Jewelry Professional (A.J.P.) diploma, the Graduate Jeweler diploma and the GIA Applied Jewelry Arts (A.J.A.) diploma.

Gemological Science International (GSI)
New York: 581 5th Avenue, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10017
India: 2nd floor, Mittal Commercia, Sakinaka off Andheri Kurla Rd, Andheri (e) Mumbai 400 072
India: BDB Tower E, BKC Mumbai
Israel: Diamond Tower, 54 Bezalel Street 22nd floor,
Ramat Gan 52521
Belgium: Pelikaanstraat 62 Office 251 Antwerp 2018
T: U.S. 212.207.4140
T: India 91.22.4022.1756
T: Israel 972.3.752.3272
T: Belgium 32.3.689.11.40
F: 212.382.0009
W: www.gemscience.net    E: info@gemscience.net

CONTACT: U.S.: Debbie Azar, India: Neeta Shah, Israel: Ilana Kornreich, Belgium: Carrine Damenstein.
SPECIALIZATION: Technologically advanced diamond grading laboratory.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: GSI light performance measuring device, cold and hot laser inscription machinery, gold engraving, Sarin, Ogi Scanox, Helium Polish and high-magnification electronic microscopes.
SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT: SAS2000, diamond treatment detection equipment, gem microscopes.
SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond grading and evaluation, light return, cut grade evaluation, laser inscription, gold engraving.
PRODUCTS OFFERED: A large array of diamond, jewelry and gemstone reports. Cut grade reports for rounds and fancy shapes and light analysis reports. Customized reports also are available, as well as laser inscription and gold engraving.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: A large array of diamond, jewelry and gemstone reports, cut grade reports and light analysis reports. Customized reports also are available.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: GSI India offers diamond grading courses.

International Gemological Institute (IGI) U.S.
New York:
589 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017
T: 212.753.7100    F: 212.644.8378
W: www.igiworldwide.com    E: info@igi-usa.com
CONTACT: Jerry Ehrenwald, chief executive officer (CEO)

Los Angeles:
550 South Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
T: 213.955.0008
W: www.igiworldwide.com    E: infola@igi-usa.com
CONTACT: Maung Htut

SPECIALIZATION: All gemological reports include identification of natural origin, treatments and/or processes. For diamonds: diamond grading reports, diamond cut quality reports, ideal and excellent cut reports, diamond light return reports, natural color diamond reports, hearts & arrows diamond reports. For colored stones: identification reports, grading reports. For jewelry: identification reports, appraisal reports and educational programs.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: DiamondSure, DiamondView, Sarin and OGI measurement devices, photoluminescence Raman spectrometers, infrared spectrometers, absorption spectrometers, color grade photometrics systems, precious metals assay-classical fire assay, XRF analysis and all equipment needed for gemological purposes.
SERVICES OFFERED: LaserScribe, table-branding, hearts & arrows testing, diamond and gemstone Secure-Seal, mobile grading services, gemstone and jewelry photographic services, gemstone and jewelry support products via IGI’s online eStore.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: 4Cs: weight, clarity (to the one internationally accepted system for diamond grading), color, fluorescence, measurements, polish, symmetry and proportions. Colored stones: weight, measurements, origin, color and characteristics. Jewelry: description, weight, color, clarity (to the one internationally accepted system for diamond grading), polish, symmetry Complete component breakdown of all gemstones and precious metals are identified and graded where appropriate in an article of jewelry.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Polished diamond course, rough diamond course, colored stone course, pearl course, advanced polished diamond course, home study correspondence course. Jewelry training seminars. Worldwide recognized IGI diploma is awarded upon completion of required examination for each course.

Independent Gemological Laboratories

500 7th Ave, Suite 12B, New York, NY 10018
T: 212.382.0008    F: 212.382.0009
W: www.dia-lab.com    E: info@dia-lab.com

OWNER: Curtis Lowrey, G.G., ISA
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading, colored stone grading and diamond and colored stone jewelry appraisal.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Electronic balance scale, microscope, 10X Loupe, OGI light performance scope, refractometer and Gemprint.
SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond grading, pregrade services, credit card appraisal, colored stone evaluation and reports. Independent certificate program, in-box certs display packaging. Laser inscription on diamonds or metal and photographic services. Diamond light performance test and evaluation.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Appraisal report includes the weight, measurements, proportions, color, clarity, fluorescence, description and estimated retail replacement value. If the diamond is graded unmounted, there will also be a plot of the diamond’s inclusions. If the diamond graded is mounted, there will be a photograph of the finished piece of jewelry and color and clarity will be expressed as a range of two grades. Options include pregrade report, full certificates, credit card certificates, summary evaluations. All packaged in custom folders or boxes.

4974 S. Rainbow Blvd Suite 135
Las Vegas, NV 89118
T: 702.220.5500    F: 702.220.5592
W: www.lglab.com    E: sales@lglab.com

CONTACTS: Sergio Borgato, Maurice Lichten G.G., Timothy Harris
OWNER: Passion Capital Trust
DIRECTOR: Maurice Lichten G.G.
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading, enhancement detection and appraisal. Colored gemstone identification, enhancement detection, grading and appraisal. Fine jewelry identification, grading and appraisal. Fine watch identification and appraisal.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Binocular microscope, master color comparison guides, diamond color comparison stones, electronic carat balance, contact and noncontact optical measuring devices, electronic precious metals tester, thermal probe.
SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT: Color diamond proportion analyzer, XRF, UV-Vis spectrometer.
SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond grading, enhancement detection and appraisal, colored stone identification, grading and enhancement disclosure and appraisal, fine jewelry appraisal, fine watch appraisal. Watch repair: Fine watches submitted for a report can also be repaired and/or refurbished. Jewelry repair: Fine jewelry submitted for a report can also be repaired, cleaned and polished. Service programs available.
PRODUCTS OFFERED: Appraisal, authentication and grading certificates and reports in full size, passport size and showcase size.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Master of diamond grading certificate. master of colored stones certificate, master of gemology certificate.

Professional Gem Sciences Laboratory, Ltd. (PGSL)
5 S. Wabash Avenue, #315
Chicago, IL 60603
T: 312.920.1541 F: 312.920.1547
W: www.progem.co E: myriam.pgslab@yahoo.com

OWNERS: Thomas and Myriam Tashey
DIRECTOR: Thomas Tashey
CONTACT: Thomas Tashey
SPECIALIZATION: Diamond grading, colored diamond grading, origin of color for diamonds, country of origin for gemstones.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Diamond master comparison set, standard gemological testing equipment, SAS spectrophotometer, Sarin DiaMension, DiamondSure.
SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond grading (quality analysis report, consultation, minireport), cut grade reports, second-opinion report, colored diamond grading, mounted jewelry grading, Carte Blu™, color gemstone gem identification and grading, appraisals, verbal gem identification, laser inscription, digital imaging, diamond master comparison grading and engraving.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Diamond quality analysis report, Carte Blu™, colored stone grading report and country of origin report.
DIAMOND CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Diamond quality analysis report, origin of color report, cut grade analysis report.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: For the trade: seminars on advanced diamond grading, color stone grading based on The World of Color™, and cut grade. Recently added: a two-week class on intermediate topics in diamond grading, a one-day class on detecting internal laser drilling and a two-week class on gem identification. For the public: seminars on how to buy diamonds and diamond and fine jewelry, understanding your diamond grading report. 

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