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Designer Lines

By Amber Michelle
Inspired by classical antiquity, designer Faith Ann Kiely launched her eponymous brand at the JA Winter Jewelry Show in New York. Intrigued by metalwork, the designer debuted with two collections — Corinthium and Aquilum — that balance ancient and contemporary motifs. Each piece is intricately carved and detailed in silver or a specially alloyed 18-karat gold with a deep, rich color. Bold gemstones and diamond accents add opulence to the architectural structure of the jewelry. Prior to creating her own brand, Kiely spent 20 years in the jewelry industry as a merchandising executive.
   The color change of alexandrite makes it a fascinating stone as well as a very rare gem. Designer Mark Henry has created a collection showcasing this jewel — the Mark Henry Alexandrite Collection. Depending upon the light, alexandrite will change from deep green to purple or rich red. Henry uses alexandrite from Brazil in his 18-karat gold and diamond creations. In addition to being a collector’s stone, alexandrite is also the modern birthstone for June.
   Megan Steer, the creative force behind jewelry firm Lura, has added a triple-star pendant collection to her line. The star pendant is available in silver with or without diamonds and in 14-karat gold. The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) graduate notes that stars are one of her favorite symbols, representing hope, good fortune and vision. Steer draws upon the world of nature and hand-carves the waxes for her designs, infusing each piece with a mystical quality that brings enchantment to life.
   Israel Itzkowitz, widely known for creating the princess cut diamond in 1980, has turned his talents to colored gemstones. His company, Quadamas, introduced the patented Asscher Cut Princess in 2009 and now he is applying the cut to sapphires sourced from Ceylon. The cut combines Asscher facets on the crown with princess facets on the pavilion. Stuller is the distributor of the Asscher Cut Princess sapphires from Quadamas. The gems are available in a variety of carat weights in pink, blue, yellow and white sapphire. The firm also offers a series of videos to use for marketing or educational purposes. 

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