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The technicolor bride

Gems in a rainbow of hues are starring as center stones in today’s proposals.

By Rachael Taylor

Image: Background: Shutterstock

There is a joyous spirit flowing through jewelry, with liberal splashes of color making even the most classic designs feel vitally vibrant. Even in the bridal sector — a facet of the industry famed for shirking such frivolities in favor of achromatic diamonds and metals — the rainbow is seeping in.

Engagement rings that forgo diamonds and use colored gems as the central stone are much in demand. They appeal to brides seeking to flavor their nuptials with personality. Whereas such a trade-off might once have been fiscally motivated, style and expression are what drive today’s brides.

Blues are greens tend to be the most popular choices for colorful engagement rings, from traditional royal-blue sapphires and verdant emeralds to Paraiba tourmalines and teal-colored stones. Rosy hues follow: Dark-red rubies are coming back into favor, and lighter pinks offer a soft — and more affordable — beauty in the form of sapphires, tourmalines and dusky morganites.

The possibilities are vast — though of course, durability is an important consideration. While some brides might wish for styles closer to a cocktail ring, function should not be forgotten in the hype for technicolor proposals.

ChopardRuby and diamond ring in 18-karat gold. chopard.com

MinkaMermaid ring in 18-karat yellow gold, diamonds and tourmaline. minkajewels.com

Briony RaymondHarbor ring with sapphire and diamonds in 18-karat gold. brionyraymond.com

Noor ShammaSuad ring in 18-karat gold with diamonds and pink tourmaline. noorshamma.com

Emily P. Wheeler Twinkle ring in 18-karat gold with morganite, diamonds and enamel. emilypwheeler.com

Michelle OhAaliyah ring with tourmaline, sapphire and diamonds in 14-karat gold. michelle-oh.com

MareiDorian ring with diamonds and purple sapphire in black rhodium-plated 18-karat gold. mareinewyork.com

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