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Playful pins

Contemporary brooches are in vogue, with women on the global stage using them to make powerful statements in fun ways.

By Rachel Taylor

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If there is one jewel that has proved its flex appeal this year, it is the brooch. It works styled on men’s lapels and within starlets’ tresses, on the red carpet and with fluffy winter sweaters and overcoats. As a jewelry category, it has an impressive fluidity when it comes to gender and genre.

No longer a niche staple of the vintage and antique market, brooches are increasingly making their way into contemporary jewelers’ new collections. What is really driving this trend is the brooch’s ability to express its owner’s personality, and even secret — or blatant — messages of support and allegiance.

As such, much scrutiny has been given to the thoughtfully chosen brooches of women on the global stage — among them Lady Marjorie Hale, who wore a spider as she ruled against British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in court; Lady Gaga, who sported a golden dove at US President Joe Biden’s inauguration; and Queen Elizabeth II, who wore a butterfly during her COP26 speech.

Capable of such tacit emotive power, brooches should be a little adventurous. How this manifests will vary from person to person. For a man not used to wearing jewels, a simple diamond pin on a tuxedo can speak volumes. Others might veer toward a bolder bloom or animalistic design, or perhaps a sculptural swirl or playful motif. Their nonverbal prowess aside, brooches are simply good fun.

Simon ArdemDiamond and pearl brooch in 18-karat gold.


Theo FennellVenym brooch in 18-karat gold with diamonds and sapphires.


VendorafaA selection of brooches in 18-karat gold and silver with diamonds, colored gemstones and enameling.


Anthony LentHands to the Stars brooch in 18-karat gold, platinum, diamonds and sapphire.


ChanelNo.5 Signature Bottle brooch in 18-karat gold, diamonds and sapphires.


Castro NYCMoney emerald brooch in 18-karat gold and bronze.


Skull brooch in 18-karat gold with diamonds and carved Ethiopian opal.


Lenka KerlickaBig Organic Diamond brooch No. 02 in 18-karat yellow gold with diamonds.


BoucheronChromatique brooch in 18-karat gold and titanium with holographic ceramic, diamonds, and tourmaline.


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