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Versatile strands

Whether layered together, worn daintily with charms or hung with lockets, necklaces are a classy way to vary your wardrobe, say vintage experts Sunny Bond and Blair Fox.

By Phyllis Schiller

Image: Fox & Bond.

What is trending in antique and vintage necklaces now and coming up in 2022?

People are loving fancy link chain necklaces right now. It’s a trend we don’t see fading any time soon. These chains are so versatile and can be found in various thicknesses and metals, and range in their link variations. They look great worn on their own, layered with other necklaces, or used to hang pendants and charms from.

Antique watch chains that fit as chokers are in high demand and are now getting more difficult to find. A necklace stack with something large at the bottom, like a Victorian locket, something mid-length, like a nice chain, and then something high up is a fantastic look.

What styles and types of metals are popular?

We have clients who love and collect dainty charms but just wear them one at a time, and others who like to wear a whole bunch together. Then we have clients who love to wear everything together all at once, which is so much fun to see.

Lockets are sought-after pieces for us, especially during the holiday season, as they make such great, personal gifts. There’s something so sentimental about a piece of jewelry with a secret hidden inside.

Yellow gold is always a favorite, but bi-color pieces appeal to those looking for something eye-catching. We love colorful jewelry and are always on the hunt for pieces that make our hearts jump. Color will always do that for us.

What styling advice do you offer clients for combining vintage and antique necklaces with contemporary jewels?

We think combining styles, metals, periods, etc., is always a good thing. It shows versatility. Personally, we mix contemporary and vintage all the time and encourage our clients to do so as well.

A variety of chain lengths goes a long way. We talk to clients about what length to go with, and our answer is always to measure and see where you want something to lie on your chest. Larger pieces can be worn high or low, but smaller, daintier pieces tend to look better closer to the neck.

Pendants and charms are a unique style of jewelry in that they have more versatility than a bracelet, ring or pair of earrings. Switch out a chain, and you change the entire look of a piece.

What eras are most in demand, and how difficult is it to source them?

Victorian is our favorite era in general. True antique pieces in great condition are becoming increasingly harder to find, along with mid-century charms. Charms from the 1930s through the 1960s have the most incredible details and craftsmanship. These tiny golden treasures are super collectible and over the years have become more and more rare.

It’s always a tough lesson to learn for us if we hesitate on acquiring a piece, or for clients if they don’t purchase something when they see it. We get messages all the time asking when something will be “restocked,” and we feel terrible when we have to say “never.”

What do you look for when stocking necklaces?

Unique design, wearability and condition. A piece with personality is always a plus.

Who Are Fox & Bond?Fox & Bond is a Los Angeles-based brand that jewelry lovers and gemologists Blair Fox (right) and Sunny Bond (left) founded in 2015. The two friends hand-select every piece of antique and vintage jewelry at this intimately operated e-commerce business.


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