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Fancy Shapes August 2008

By Rapaport

The Turgeman Mordechai group’s T.M. Star Diamonds Collection is comprised of the patented Angel Star, Hearts & Star, Sun Star and Wishing Star diamonds, which were designed by master diamond cutter Moti Turgeman. By playing with the direction of the light reflecting off the diamonds’ facets using high-precision polishing techniques, unique star patterns are created within the diamonds that are visible to the naked eye.


The Sun Star and Wishing Star are round diamonds with 98 facets each; the Hearts & Star, also a round cut, has 81 facets. The Angel Star is a pentagon-shaped diamond with 58 facets. Light bounces off the star facets on the table to the opposite facets on the pavilion in a mirror effect. The Angel Star and Hearts & Star have five-pointed stars, the Sun Star has an eight-pointed star and the Wishing Star has a six-pointed star, while the star in the Hearts & Star is surrounded by heart-like shapes.

Turgeman Mordechai purchases its rough from Belgium and the T.M. Star Diamonds Collection is produced in Ramat Gan, Israel. The Angel Star, Hearts & Star, Sun Star and Wishing Star diamonds are available in a range of colors and clarities, from D to M and IF to I (clean), respectively. Sizes range from 0.3 carats to 5 carats, while larger special orders are also possible.

The Angel Star, Hearts & Star, Sun Star and Wishing Star are currently sold as loose stones to large chain jewelry stores. Exclusivity in an area is available, and so, too, are Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certificates and laser inscription if requested. The company advertises in trade show exhibit guides and provides retailers with in-store material such as postcards and brochures. The diamonds come with fancy black boxes.


Prices are comparable to similar-quality stones.


The interaction between the light and the carefully positioned facets of the Angel Star, Hearts & Star, Sun Star and Wishing Star produces a unique “brilliant star effect” that can be clearly seen within the center of the diamonds by the naked eye.

Turgeman Mordechai
3 Jabotinsky Street,
Diamond Exchange Shimshon Building, Suite 706
Ramat Gan 52520, Israel
Tel: 972.3.751.2618 • Fax: 972.3.612.6329
email: mturgeman@bezeqint.net


Turgeman Mordechai (USA)
607 South Hill Street, Suite 219
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Tel: 213.622.7310 • Fax: 213.622.7311
email: shimikanino@yahoo.com

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