Rapaport Magazine - May 2019 - page 28

he movie
What WomenWant
was on to something
when it came out nearly years ago. In it, a
hotshot playboy and advertising executive wakes up
from an accident with the ability to read women’s
minds. At first, he sees this as a curse, but his
female psychiatrist convinces him that his gift could help his
career: “If men are fromMars and women are fromVenus, and
you can speak Venusian, the world can be yours.”
This romantic comedy comes to mind as the jewelry industry
grapples with how to get women to buy fine jewelry the way
they buy handbags and shoes. “Women will think nothing of
dropping ,
on a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, but
not on a pair of diamond stud earrings,” says Victoria McKay,
founder and managing director of the UK-basedWomen’s
Jewellery Network (WJN). “We’re finding it hard to keep sales
buoyant against other luxury products.”
But the jewelry trade is still led predominantly by men, and
sadly, they can’t read our minds. McKay finds the lack of women
in senior management to be a huge problem for the industry.
“I’mnot saying men shouldn’t be a part of the conversation, but
Empowering female
leaders in the trade
is an important step
toward eradicating
By Deborah Yonick
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