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Speculative Rough Prices Unsustainable

RAPAPORT... PRESS RELEASE, March 5, 2013, New York: Certified polished diamond prices held steady in ‎February as U.S. markets and improved Far East consumer confidence have helped spur strong ‎demand for mid-quality VS-SI, triple EX diamonds.‎

The RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) for 1-carat certified polished diamonds increased ‎‎0.2 ‎percent in February. RAPI for 0.3-carat diamonds rose 2.7 percent and ‎‎0.5-carat stones ‎increased 0.7 percent while 3-carat diamonds fell 0.2 percent. Prices have held relatively ‎steady ‎in the first two months of 2013. ‎

The increase in RAPI for 0.3-carat stones was spurred by rising Far East demand for these ‎goods during the Chinese New Year season. ‎

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According to the just released Rapaport Monthly Report – March 2013, “Steady Markets, Rough ‎Anxieties,” supply and demand of the polished diamond and retail jewelry markets are in balance ‎while the recent surge in rough prices appears unsustainable.‎

Rough prices rose approximately 4 percent in February with large rough above 15 carats rising ‎by more than 12 percent. De Beers boxes trading on the secondary market continue to rise and ‎are garnering premiums above 5 percent. Rough supply remains controlled and relatively low, ‎while cutters have sufficient rough inventory to satisfy their immediate manufacturing ‎requirements. Cutters are expected to maintain low-level manufacturing at least until the ‎beginning of India’s fiscal year in April. ‎

The surge in rough prices is not being supported by polished demand. Dealer expectations for a ‎significant increase in polished prices to follow the recent rough hikes are premature. While the ‎Hong Kong show (March 5-9) is expected to exhibit pockets of strong demand for 0.30 to 1-‎carat, VS-SI, triple EX goods, and small-size Princess cuts, there may not be sufficient broad-‎based demand to support the overall increases in rough prices.‎

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Members of the press can obtain the report by emailing: specialreports@diamonds.net. ‎

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