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The New De Beers' Supplier of Choice Strategy

Aug 11, 2000 1:00 PM  
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Supplier of choice what's its about:

(I) introduce objective criteria for the selection of sightholders, and confirm elements of the existing basis of supply, as well as new arrangements;

(II) establish a new identity aimed at protecting our sightholders and, ultimately, retailers and consumers and codify protections for this identity;

(III) establish best practice principles to promote and encourage high industry standards; and

(IV) provide added-value services for our sightholders.

Sightholder Criteria and other Considerations

The Sightholder Criteria comprise objective selection criteria, which will be taken into account by DTC in determining whether an applicant is eligible to apply for boxes. DTC will also take into account the sightholder's level of satisfaction of the Criteria, as compared with that achieved by other sightholders, in determining whether or not to meet applications for boxes.
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