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Fancy Shapes July 2007

By Rapaport
RAPAPORT... The Cento cut is a patented diamond design created by Italian jewelry designer Roberto Coin. Its name, which means 100 in Italian, sums up the cut’s unique look, which is based on 100 facets that form a symmetrical floral pattern. It was launched in the United States and Central America in May 2003; in Russia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom in 2005; and in Japan, the Philippines, Greece and East Europe in 2006. The company is planning to launch the Cento in Italy and other European countries in 2007.


The Cento diamond is a modified brilliant cut available from SI to Internally Flawless. It has 9 bezel facets, 9 star facets, 18 upper girdle facets, 1 table facet, 54 lower girdle facets and 9 pavilion mains. The additional faceting allows light to reflect and refract, giving the diamond added brilliance, fire and scintillation in a harmonious combination. All of the Cento diamonds have been assigned a unique serial number that is laser inscribed on the girdle edge. Cento diamonds weighing .25 carats and above are also accompanied by an independent laboratory grading report — from the American Gem Society (AGS) for diamonds under 1 carat and from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for 1 carat and larger. The serial number of the Cento diamond also appears on the grading report.


The Cento diamond is available mounted in an extensive collection of jewelry that is modern yet has the classic feel, with the diamonds playing a large part in the look of each piece. The Cento Collection is targeted at the high-end retailer. Point-of-purchase material is also provided, including display material, boxes, special loupes for viewing the unique floral design, Roberto Coin Cento guarantees, catalogs and a complete training program.

All Cento diamonds comply with the Kimberley Process (KP) and are conflict free.

Pricing and Supply
The Cento is priced competitively with a standard round brilliant cut diamond.
What Buyers Should Look For

The Cento is available in a wide selection of jewelry created by well-known Italian jewelry designer Roberto Coin and each piece of the Cento Collection includes the signature Roberto Coin ruby.

Roberto Coin
Cento Collection
email: info@centocollection.com

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