Rapaport Investment Grade Diamonds

Rapaport Investment grade diamonds are top quality (D-H, IF-VS2) diamonds graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and then graded a second time by Rapaport Laboratories (RapLab). Select diamonds that meet stringent Rapaport Specification A1 investment grade standards are issued a Rapaport Investment Diamond Report (IDR).

Bid/Ask Markets for Investment Diamond Reports are being developed on Bloomberg (DIAM) and RapX – Rapaport Diamond Exchange. Investors can secure diamond storage against warehouse receipts.

For additional information about how to buy or sell IDRs please contact the Rapaport Trading Desk at TradeDesk@Diamonds.Net or +1-212-354-9100.

Rapaport Investment Diamond Report

The Rapaport Investment Diamond Report (IDR) identifies fine quality diamonds, providing the trade, investors and consumers with the highest level of confidence in quality.

Rapaport Investment Diamond Reports (IDRs) are only issued for fine quality 0.50 ct. and larger, D-H, IF-VS2, excellent cut, polish and symmetry diamonds that meet Rapaport Specification A1 investment standards that reject borderline grades and factors that reduce liquidity,

All Rapaport investment grade diamonds have independently graded Gemological of America (GIA) grading report in addition to a Rapaport Investment Diamond Report.

For more information about Rapaport Investment Diamond Reports please email info@raplab.com, call +1-702-893-9400 or visit www.raplab.com.

Investment Diamond Report

Rapaport Investment Grade A1 - Specifications

Grading Report GIA
Shape Round Brilliant
Size 0.50ct+, No .00 sizes for 1.00ct and larger
Color D-H
Clarity IF-VS2
Cut Excellent
Polish Excellent
Symmetry Excellent
Culet None
Depth % 59.0 - 62.5%
Table % 56 - 60%
Girdle No Extremely Thin, Extremely Thick or Very Thick
Fluorescence None
Requirements No GIA Color Comment
Requirements No Knot or Cavity
Requirements No Extra Facet or Natural for D-H, IF-VVS2
Requirements No Graining Comment
Requirements No Tint, "Grademaker Center Black" or Open Inclusions
Requirements Eye Clean
Requirements No Marange Diamonds

Minimum Millimeters

0.50 - 0.59 5.05
0.60 - 0.69 5.35
0.70 - 0.79 5.65
0.80 - 0.89 5.9
0.90 - 0.99 6.15
1.01 - 1.09 6.4
1.10 - 1.24 6.55
1.25 - 1.49 6.85
1.50 - 1.69 7.3
1.70 - 1.99 7.6
2.01 - 2.49 8.05
2.50 - 2.99 8.6
3.01 - 3.49 9.15
3.50 - 3.99 9.62
4.01 - 4.99 10.05
5.01 - 5.99 11
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