Rapaport Magazine

Designer Lines

By Amber Michelle
With the holidays just around the corner, Simon G. offers a new selection of beautifully crafted pieces that range in style from classic to modern, all sparkling with diamonds. The Organic Allure Collection features nature motifs and a specially alloyed gold that creates
a unique color, which is then accented with diamonds.

   Looking for an alternative to the diamond line bracelet? Italian designer
Roberto Demeglio introduces a modern take on a classic favorite. His stretch diamond bracelets, from the Gioconda Collection, are pavé all around and fit snugly on the wrist. The bracelet is comprised of black diamond with white diamond accents, champagne diamonds or an all-white diamond version. Simple and elegant, these bracelets can easily
be worn day into evening, moving effortlessly from the office to a dinner date.

   According to Hindu lore, the terrapin, also known as the Cosmic Turtle, is the
foundation of the universe. The legend says that the world is supported by four elephants standing on the back of a great turtle. It is from this tale that designer
Temple St. Clair draws inspiration for her spring jewelry collection. In addition to the turtle and elephants, which represent the earth, St. Clair chose the magical seahorse to represent the ocean in
her designs. The collection includes a turtle locket and a series of the iconic crystal sphere amulets that St. Clair is known for, many incorporating the turtle, elephant and seahorse. The spring collection is filled with jewelry that captures the fashion colors of the season with blue sapphire, peridot, tanzanite and moonstones, hues that also reflect the shades
of water.


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