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Silver Streak

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By Amber Michelle


The bright light of white is being hailed as the must-have “noncolor” for fashion this season. When it comes to accessorizing, what could be more perfect with white than silver jewelry? Marylou Luther, creative director for Fashion Group International, cited silver as the metal of choice for the spring/summer 2013 season, and we agree. Its soft color maintains the purity of white and silver is just right when sprinkled with diamonds, or other white gemstones, for a chic monochromatic look. Silver is also the perfect foil for colored gemstones, letting their unique tones shine through. Simple sculptural jewelry made from silver is contemporary, fresh and cool for warm weather, but classic enough to be worn anytime. Silver is also the perfect complement to the other “noncolor,” black. Its white glow contrasts beautifully against the darkness of black, which paired with white is another huge trend for this spring…think Beyoncé at the Grammys. This month, Rapaport Magazine showcases silver jewelry from a variety of talented designers. The looks range from style statements to understatement, with high shine to matte finishes. But one thing that all silver jewelry has in common: It is a contemporary classic that will look as good tomorrow as it does today. 

Right: Randy Brooke/WireImage/Cynthia Rowley - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz.

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