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Tribal Beat

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By Amber Michelle
Classic… Contemporary… Collectible…

Tribal Beat
References from faraway lands, past eras, mandala patterns or textures infuse jewelry with a handmade feeling. Oxidization or hints of gold pop the design with edgy appeal.
A little bit exotic, a little bit bohemian, a little bit rock ’n’ roll and a whole lot of style, the pulse of the world is embodied in tribal beat silver jewelry with the storied feel of a global traveler. Exotic themes melded with intricate details add interest and a handmade feeling to jewelry that is just right for a woman who dances to the rhythm of her own drummer. Collecting silver jewelry from different designers and then layering and wearing the pieces together is a way of developing a compelling look that is uniquely one’s own. Mix shine with oxidized finishes for drama, or keep it more edgy by combining several pieces that have blackened finishes. Together, these pieces create an eclectic look that is very personal and tells the tale of adventure.

Photography: Don Kozusko

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