Rapaport Magazine

Designer Lines

By Amber Michelle
With personalization continuing as a favorite theme in jewelry, designer Cynthia Ann fits the bill with her one-of-a-kind and limited edition medals and fine jewels. At the core of the Houston, Texas–based Cynthia Ann Jewels collection is an assortment of charms that can be mixed, matched and layered, creating a unique piece of jewelry for each person.
   Pinar Öner Design Atelier creates jewelry that is inspired by the rich history of the Anatolian region of Turkey. Öner draws upon folklore, artifacts and the diverse religious influences of the area for her designs, as well as the Byzantine, Ottoman and Seljuk empires. She creates jewelry in high-karat gold that encases colored gemstones and is accented by intricate enameling. Trained as a graphic designer in Turkey, Öner also studied at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.
  Inspired by the luxury and sentiment of the Renaissance era, Alex Woo launched her Origins collection of egg-shaped pendants, each with a little surprise inside. These 18-karat gold and diamond bespoke pendants are embellished front and back and personalized with images from Woo’s Little Icons collection. The Origins pendants are meant to be treasured forever and passed as a keepsake from generation to generation.
   Maine-based designer Etienne Perret debuted a new pearl pendant to his collection of Ceramique gem ceramic jewelry. The sleek black oval-shaped Ceramique balances a white or black pearl at the bottom for a contemporary style that is elegant and refined. The ultra-durable Ceramique is made from the zircon sands of Australia. Developed for use in the aerospace industry, Ceramique is a durable and stylish material that is virtually indestructible, making it a viable and beautiful substitute for traditional metals.

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