Rapaport Magazine

Anything Goes

By Amber Michelle
It’s a fashion free-for-all in the Fall 2015/Winter 2016 runway collections. Designers take inspiration from the ever-cool hippies of the1960s, but flower power blossoms into 1970s boho-chic, morphs into the over-the-top 1980s and contrasts with a dose of minimalism. Boy meets girl in fashion as she raids his closet and comes out looking androgynous, like a preppie tomboy or all glammed up in a tuxedo. Fabrics are fun in textures and patterns as the world goes mad for plaid and looks forward to spring with a garden of floral motifs leading the print trend through the icy weather. The jumpsuit takes center stage and cropped pants are all the rage. Hemlines add choices as lengths go long, short and in-between. Fringe is swinging everywhere. The darkness of black is in stark contrast to the light of white — the two most directional colors of the season. Shades of wine, bold pops of color and pastels also make a showing. For jewelry, the action is back on the neck with chokers and pendants, while brooches make a statement on men’s-style jackets. The mismatched trend in earrings continues, as do oversized rings.

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