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Letter from the Editor: A call to action

By Sonia Esther Soltani
How do you define blood diamonds? This question goes way beyond the magazine you are holding. It’s been the talk of the jewelry and diamond trade since the war in Ukraine broke out. It’s been on consumers’ minds as well, and they are demanding a clear answer from the industry. Conversations about the Kimberley Process and its lack of effectiveness and relevancy are trending as we put this magazine to bed. This is not a fad, a hot topic of the day that will go away when, please G-d, peace is restored in Ukraine.

In our time of conscientious consumption, enjoying a luxurious product should not come at the expense of someone’s life or dignity. Where the money goes when we pay for a diamond has become as relevant as where the stone comes from. Human rights abuses — whether in Africa, Europe or elsewhere — should not be part of the gem’s journey. Our words matter, but our actions as an industry matter even more.

Sonia Esther Soltani

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