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Rapaport Magazine asks: What would you like to change in the industry?

By Leah Meirovich

Image: Vipul Sutariya; Satta Matturi; Eira Thomas; Molefi Letsiki; Stephen Wetherall; Valery Demure; Shailesh Javeri; Stewart Young; Ari Epstein

1. Vipul Sutariya, Director of sales and marketing, Dharmanandan Diamonds
I want people to think about long-term rather than short-term opportunities.

2. Satta Matturi, Designer, Matturi Fine Jewellery

To keep the jewelry sector fresh and relevant for consumers, we need to see more differentiation and design-led creations.

3. Eira Thomas, CEO, Lucara Diamond Corp.

Real transparency and modernization in the supply chain. Not just a narrative one.

4. Molefi Letsiki, Chairman, Diamond Dealers club of South Africa; Director, Molefi Letsiki Diamonds
To simply tell the story of the positive impact ethically sourced and manufactured diamonds have on individuals, manufacturers, and communities where they are produced.

5. Stephen Wetherall, Managing director, Lucapa Diamond Company
Optimizing the diamond pipeline to properly reward each participant in the value chain in line with the risks taken or investment made.

6. Valery Demure, Jewelry consultant, Objet d’Emotion
I would like retailers to consign much less, to be more discerning and invest in true design and craft. To educate and inspire us again.

7. Shailesh Javeri, Chairman, Stargems Group

I would like the industry to band together to protect the intrinsic value of natural diamonds via an intensive marketing campaign. This can be achieved if the Natural Diamond Council (NDC) advises all clients to voluntarily contribute a small amount of every purchase of rough diamonds made from primary sources.

8. Stewart Young, Director of Jewelry and Head of Jewelry for Asia, Bonhams
I’m an advocate of the fact that jewelry can be more fashionable than we think.

9. Ari Epstein, CEO, Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC)
Retail and trade hubs working more closely together on compliance and due diligence to ensure a more transparent diamond trade worldwide.

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