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Fairest of the fair

A few of the colorful, covetable, evocative jewels making their debut at this year’s Couture event.

By Rapaport Magazine

Image: Colette; Emily P. Wheeler, AnaKatarina; Melissa Kaye

1. SORELLINAThe Empress earrings with opals and diamonds.

2. POMELLATONudo rivière necklace with sky and London blue topaz.

3. KARINA BREZ Rose ring with diamonds.

4. LYDIA COURTEILLE Lune earrings with moonstone and diamonds.

5. MELISSA KAYE Kira ring with diamonds and neon-green enamel.

6. EMILY P. WHEELER Bernadette bridge bracelet with turquoise.

7. RENNADream Shell rainbow snail earrings with colored gems.

8. ANAKATARINA Pierce Your Heart pendant with diamond and sapphires.

9. COLETTE Penacho earrings with lapis lazuli, turquoise and diamonds

10. ROBINSON PELHAMstacked Love Is All Around rings with diamonds.

11. ARMAN SARKISYAN pendant with opal and diamonds.

12. NEVERNOT Let’s Play Chess ring with enamel and pink topaz.

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