Rapaport Magazine

Note from the publisher

By Martin Rapaport

There is a time for everything. We live in a world of constant change. In fact, the only thing consistent is change. Sometimes, change is chaotic, uncomfortable and unwelcome. Other times, it is seasonal, necessary and welcome.

How we deal with change is fundamental to our success as individuals and society. Can we control change? Can we regulate it so that we change in consistent patterns? Can we time how and when we share change?

Welcome to the holidays. The idea that people create a critical mass of positive emotions during set times of the year is universal. We want to feel good in a way that is shared with others. Happiness is contagious. Goodwill and kindness to others are fundamental foundations of our social order. We want to share good feelings.

Gifting, whether giving or receiving, is a positive emotional experience that draws people together. It creates happiness. The fact that there is a gifting season magnifies our connectivity as a society. Gifting creates a shared positive mood that encourages warm human interaction. The holiday season lifts our mood and increases our desire to care and share.

It’s good to remember that the power of gifting transcends the physical product. What’s really important is the feeling the gift generates. We are not just selling jewelry — we are selling emotions.

All of us at Rapaport send you and yours our best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday season.


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