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Designing for the modern goddess

At her Los Angeles boutique, Logan Hollowell creates jewelry that empowers women to unlock their full potential.

By Joyce Kauf

Image: Logan Hollowell

Logan Hollowell knows intuitively that diamonds are much more than glittering gems; they are transformative. Diamonds can make a woman “sparkle from the inside out,” says the founder of Logan Hollowell Jewelry. “They release a woman’s inner brilliance to change her energy and life in a positive way.”

Guided by “intention, love and magic,” Hollowell designs for the modern goddess in every woman. “There is magic in empowering a woman to believe in herself and know that she is completely capable of achieving her wildest dreams,” she says, adding, “We are all our own magicians and can create anything we desire.”

Her inspirations range from the cosmos to ancient civilizations and multicultural influences. Her hand-crafted designs of ethically sourced gemstones and conflict-free diamonds in recycled gold are replete with constellations, sacred numerology, and totem animals.

Born to create
From a young age, Hollowell knew she wanted to be a designer. She was always “obsessed” with jewelry and gems, she recalls; she would wear her mother’s jewelry and imagine the pieces she would create. She was also struck by women’s stories of sentimental attachment to their jewelry. “It changed their aura,” she says.

At first, she designed for herself, but the pieces garnered so much attention that in 2015, she launched her eponymous brand online. She opened her Los Angeles boutique — the “Goddess den,” as she calls it — in 2017. All the jewelry is produced on site.

Hollowell is deliberate in her selection of diamonds and gems; she considers many criteria, including where they were mined and what their attributes are. The feminine energy of moonstones conveys a sense of nurturing and honoring, while emeralds evoke abundance and prosperity. As for diamonds, they have a symbolism of their own.

“The thing that inspires me most about a diamond is that it starts out as a black hole. But with the right amount of pressure, it becomes a brilliant, unbreakable light,” she says. “We are all diamonds. We go through life facing pressures, and it makes us stronger and even more beautiful.”

Permission to shine
Hollowell’s customers span all age groups, and she categorizes them more by a psychographic profile than a demographic one. “Goddess energy is ageless,” she declares. “You can see a woman completely in her full radiance in her late 70s.”

Her clients are predominantly female, and Hollowell estimates a 50/50 split between self-purchasers and women buying for other women.

She points to an increase in the former category, especially after the pandemic. Customers have experienced an “awakening” that’s given them “permission” to buy themselves a piece of jewelry, she says, with many adopting an attitude of “What am I waiting for? Life is happening now.”

As a result, she reports, her business has grown exponentially since the pandemic. “We are in this major celebration mode of self-expression and freedom. We’re free from confining thoughts that center around what a woman is ‘supposed to do’ or what she ‘should have accomplished at a certain age.’” In addition, she says, women have come to recognize that “the more I treat myself well, the more others will do the same.”

Best sellers

The Logan Hollowell bridal and engagement collection consists of fully customizable rings inspired by traditional heirloom designs, but with a contemporary feel. “I want to join both classic and modern elements to create something that will instantly become timeless,” says Hollowell.

Hand-carved and hand-crafted, the Queen collection of diamonds and moonstones is one of her three top sellers. The Zodiac line, meanwhile, symbolizes “freedom and connection to the cosmos.” And the Sacred collection features symbolic elements, such as the diamond angel eye for protection.

Her creations are available in specialty boutiques across the country, as well as the occasional pop-up. In keeping with her brand, her jewelry was recently on offer in a pop-up at The Well, a luxury wellness spa that specializes in holistic therapies.

Hollowell has many celebrity fans, including Meghan Markle: The duchess of Sussex wore two layered Zodiac necklaces for her 40th birthday, each with one of her children’s astrological signs. The designer also enjoys a huge following in Europe. She is looking forward to doing trunk shows again in Paris and London, which attract customers from across the continent. “It’s very flattering to realize that people have traveled to attend my shows.”

And while men have remarked that the women in their lives “look better” as a result of wearing Hollowell’s jewelry, she recently introduced a men’s line consisting of “versatile chains, pendants and rings with a new, masculine edge.” The pieces are meant for layering, with each telling the wearer’s story. “I found that men were seeking quality pieces that were easy to wear, but wanted designs with intention and symbolism, usually signifying the strength that is a reminder of their own divinity,” she says.

As someone who started her business online, Hollowell believes gems can speak to customers even across a screen. “It’s not just a picture of a ring,” she says of her methodology. “It is the way I market through messaging and descriptions that are infused with imagery to remind the goddess that she is the heroine.” She applies the same techniques to social media.

But she leaves the last word to her clients, preferring to repeat what they most frequently tell her: “Once you put on Logan’s pieces, you’ll feel the difference.” Spoken like a goddess.


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