Rapaport Magazine


April 2008

By Amber Michelle
RAPAPORT... Colored diamonds put one in awe of what nature can create. They are one of the most captivating of all gemstones. The modifying hues within each color range — or even within one stone — create shades unseen in other gems and these tones are often not repeated. Connoisseurs may spend years collecting enough colored diamonds of comparable size, shape and color to create a large necklace or bracelet. Or perhaps a collector is lucky enough to find a sizable stone of magnificent color that commands a price worthy of its rarity.

Once considered an oddity, colored diamonds are now highly coveted by collectors and fashionistas. One of the more alluring aspects of colored diamonds is that, with the exception of yellow and brown diamonds, the general population is not aware of their existence. This uniqueness of the colored diamond romances the stone and gives it a cachet that reflects back to the owner in a positive way — showing that person as either sophisticated, cool, überwealthy or on the cutting edge of style — distinctive in some way. While the rarest and finest pink-, red- or blue-colored diamonds sell well into the millions, smaller, less expensive brown or black diamonds often have more accessible price points, opening up the market to style mavens with any type of budget.

Through celebrity dilettantes and media exposure, an awareness of colored diamonds is being created and is opening new doors to diamond desire. Whether it’s one spectacular pink diamond in a simple setting or black diamonds combined with white diamonds for a classic or avant-garde style, colored diamonds are capturing the imagination with their fascinating gemology, history and skyrocketing prices.

Amber Michelle

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