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Rapaport International Diamond Conference
Monday, September 8, 2008 – New York - Waldorf Astoria Hotel
2010 – The Next Decade. The Future of the Diamond Industry

Personal Letter from Martin Rapaport - July 28, 2008

Dear Friends,

Times are tough and money is tight, yet I am asking you to give me a day of your valuable time. I am asking you to please come to New York on Monday, September 8, and spend the day with me.


What does this all mean? How will it impact your business? What should you do?

The diamond and jewelry industry is about to go through major convulsions. You need to take time to think things through, to gain perspectives, to develop new strategic thinking. Given what I see coming down the road, if you don’t change the way you think about your business, you will be out of business.

I am not just talking about the U.S. recession, housing crisis, credit crunch, collapsing dollar, plummeting stock markets, surging gold, commodity and rough diamond prices, booming big stones, oil rich Russian and Arab buyers and hundreds of millions of new Indian and Chinese consumers who will be setting diamond prices. That’s the easy stuff.

Believe me when I tell you, 2008 is looking like 1978. What will you do with double digit dollar inflation and interest rates, with mine to consumer brands that proclaim authenticity in the face of undetectable diamond treatments, with fully commoditized certified diamond trading and pricing transparency?

This conference is your best opportunity to get ahead of the huge wave of change coming at us. Learn how to surf that wave and get ahead of it. Some of you may be thinking about future pricing competition, others about product or quality completion, but I am telling you the key to your survival is in strategic competition. Those that think smarter strategically will survive and prosper, those that don’t - won’t.

We have done everything we can to reduce the price of this conference so that everyone can attend. Pricing starts at only $100, with formal luncheon $200, and an incredible $599 deal for the conference, luncheon and one night deluxe room at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel where the conference is being held. Register online now at www.Diamonds.Net/IDC, email IDC@Diamonds.Net or call +1-702-893-9400.

About twenty years ago a good friend of mine told me, "I know what the problem is with you, Rapaport, you are too busy to make money. Stop working so hard and start working smarter." I listened, he was right.

Yours truly,
Martin Rapaport
Chairman, Rapaport Group of Companies

All net proceeds of the Rapaport International Diamond Conference will be donated to
the Jewelers for Children charity and the non-profit Fair Trade Diamond and Jewelry Association.

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Full conference day features: $100
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