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Rapaport International Diamond Conference
September 10, 2009 – New York

Personal Letter from Martin Rapaport - July 28, 2009

Dear Friends,

Sure, times are tough, but the real question is what are you going to do about it? We all know about the challenges but how about the opportunities?

This year’s Rapaport International Diamond Conference (IDC) is not about survival. It is about how to prosper and profit in spite of, or perhaps because of, the extreme changes in the economy. It is about positioning yourself and your company, to take full advantage of the winds of change that are creating unprecedented new opportunities.

Face it – you have to change the way you do business. But most of us do not know what to change and how to change. The current business environment is uncertain. Is the recession ending? Will diamond prices go back up? Who should I be selling? Where are the opportunities and how can I take advantage of them?

There are many questions and few easy answers. But the key to your success remains the same – strategic thinking. Your future success will depend on your ability to outthink your competition. To understand what is happening and what will be happening in the world and the jewelry industry. You can’t advertise, produce, or sell your way out of a recession, but you can think your way above one. Smart people won’t just survive the recession they will reposition themselves as winners.

Friends – most of you invest in inventory, marketing and stores. It is now time for you to invest in yourself. Take a day to think things through at the Rapaport Conference. Open your mind to new ideas, challenges and opportunities. Recognize that the changing global economy is creating unprecedented opportunities. Now more than ever, knowledge is power.

This year’s conference will include a detailed review of the economic situation with detailed discussions about global sourcing, branding and retailing, a special presentation by New York’s diamond industry about big diamonds, and a mini-conference about ethical sourcing with speakers from the U.S. State Department, Human Rights Watch and the World Diamond Council.

The conference will be held on Thursday, September 10, from 8:30 am to 5:00pm, at the New York Times Center, 242 West 41 St. The conference fee will be $249 per person with an optional VIP lunch to be offered at extra charge. Discounted hotel reservations are also available.

Please telephone +1-702-893-9400, email,or visit to register or obtain additional information. I urge you to register immediately as only 300 seats will be available on a first come first served basis.

As always, all proceeds of the conference will be donated to the Jewelers for Children and Fair Trade Diamond and Jewelry Association charities.

Yours truly,
Martin Rapaport
Chairman, Rapaport Group of Companies

All net proceeds of the Rapaport International Diamond Conference will be donated to
the Jewelers for Children charity and the non-profit Fair Trade Diamond and Jewelry Association.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2009

Tel: +1-702-893-9400

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