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By Amber Michelle, Editor-in-Chief

Desert Rose bracelet by Stacey Lindsell
Every diamond tells a story. That was the topic of conversation between Jean-Marc Lieberherr, head of sales and marketing for Rio Tinto Diamonds and me during a breakfast meeting in Las Vegas. We discussed the fact that for so many in our industry, selling a diamond has become a droning of the 4Cs. That is all well and good for
dealer-to-dealer sales; however, when it comes to selling to consumers, there needs to be a compelling story that increases
a consumer’s desire to purchase. Luckily, every diamond has a story to tell. There is much mainstream media press about conflict diamonds and human rights abuses associated with diamonds, and rightfully so… that is, after all, the news. But the good that comes from diamonds is often overlooked, and that is the story that needs to be told. The revenue that has come from diamonds has helped many people in many countries. Lieberherr related the story of a town near Rio Tinto’s Bunder diamond mining project, in Madhya Pradesh, where there was no well. All the women had to spend most of their day walking a few miles to a well and back for water. As a result, the women could not get an education and the men had a shortage of marriageable women, because nobody wanted to move to that town. But with Rio Tinto’s diamond mining project, running water was recently brought to the town. Needless to say, it changed the lives of the people there…for the better. Then, of course, there is the story of the Argyle Mine and the cooperation between the Aboriginals and Rio Tinto. Again, diamondrevenue helped to improve the life of numerous people. Such stories are plentiful, from Africa to India, Canada, Siberia and Australia. Every diamond tells a story…so as an industry, it is up to us to tell the tale of diamonds that do good.

Amber Michelle

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