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A Layered Story

It’s okay to mix jewelry from different designers.

By Amber Michelle
Just Jules
“Why wear one necklace when you can wear seven necklaces?” asks Julie Romanenko, owner/president of Scottsdale, Arizona–based Just Jules, and newly elected president of the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group (CJDG). With a collection that is meant to be worn layered and stacked, jewelry designer Romanenko is an expert on this hot trend. She stopped by the Rapaport Magazine offices recently to talk about the best ways to layer jewelry and its benefits to retailers.
   Several pieces worn together make a bold, personal statement that tells the story of the person wearing the jewelry. Layering creates opportunities for add-on sales that will keep the customer coming back to buy more jewelry. It is also the perfect solution for gift-challenged men who need the right something to give for that special occasion. Retailers can start a wish list, which makes shopping much easier for the perfect gift seeker by taking the guesswork out. Bonus: pieces can be mixed and matched, so it is relatively goof-proof.
   If you want to get some creative ideas for wearing multiples of jewelry, go cool hunting in your town’s most trendsetting areas. A makeup artist in Bloomingdale’s SoHo in New York City was spotted wearing a basic black jacket with a flock of butterfly scatter pins floating across the back. A waitress in a Seattle restaurant effortlessly combined a silver dog tag pendant, diamond horseshoe necklace and a simple strand of granny pearls, all about the same length, around her neck for a modern spin on vintage. Both women took simple concepts and turned basic pieces into jewels for cool girls.

Tips for Layering Necklaces
   Romanenko suggests advising clients to plan out the layering in advance to avoid an “I’m too busy in the morning” moment. Tips to make layering look on trend include:
  • Layer in lengths, graduating from smallest to largest, and have the largest pendant on the bottom for balance.
  • Mix metal colors as well as different chains, beads, gems and pearls to add texture and to make the look more interesting.
  • It is best to stack or layer in odd numbers. Odd numbers create an asymmetrical look that captures the eye and entices it into moving around. 
  • When you think you have enough pieces on, add another piece. It makes it feel more abundant.
  • When layering necklaces go with small earrings to create balance.

Getting Layered
   Romanenko offers a few general pointers that retailers can use to advise their clients to get the layering trend in motion in their stores.
  • First and foremost, show stacks on neck, wrist or ring forms. Show the stacks the same way you want customers to buy them. 
  • Have your sales associates wear jewelry layered every day.
  • Have sales associates play with the jewelry, creating different layering/stacking combinations so they know what works together and can easily show it to the customer.
  • Be playful and open; layering and stacking is a fun look.

Suggestions for Stacking Rings
  • Three is the minimum number for stacking rings.
  • Stack rings until the knuckle can’t bend.
  • Blend textures, widths, metals, sizes and stones. Wear vintage and new rings together for visual appeal.

ON the ear
   When it comes to earrings, the best bet is to wear as many different variations as possible, creating a contemporary and unique appearance. Sell single earrings as well as pairs.

Ideas for Wearing Multiple Bracelets
  • “Wear as many bracelets together as you are comfortable wearing,” says Romanenko. “The more you wear, the more dramatic the effect.”
  • Mix vintage with new for interest.
  • Mingle hard bangles and soft bracelets together.
  • Wear a wide cuff with narrow cuffs or bangles on each side.
  • Have a color or gemstone theme.
  • Blend different finishes or textures for a more striking style.
  • Wear several single charm bracelets together for a fun, funky, youthful vibe.

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