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2012 Diamond Review‎


Dec 28, 2012 5:00 AM   By Avi Krawitz
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RAPAPORT... ‎There’s no doubt that 2012 was a struggle for the diamond industry. Businesses ‎continued to navigate the persistent global economic fallout, while assessing the impact ‎of the numerous significant industry-related developments that occurred during the year. ‎Bucking the trend of previous years, the U.S. proved its worth as the world’s largest ‎market for diamond jewelry with stable demand there compensating for a slowdown of ‎growth in China and India.  ‎

There were several important news events that changed the shape of the industry for ‎years to come, including: Anglo American’s buyout of the Oppenheimer’s stake in De ‎Beers; BHP Billiton’s exit from the industry and Harry Winston’s emergence as a major ‎rough producer; De Beers relocating its sorting to Botswana and reshuffling its corporate ‎structure; and Botswana’s establishment of the Okavango Diamond Company. There ‎were non-disclosure issues that saw CVD synthetic diamonds being traded without ‎disclosure; tinted Zimbabwe Marange diamonds being traded 10 percent to 15 percent ‎below non-tinted goods; Israeli authorities raiding diamond businesses for their invoicing ‎and reporting methods; and the industry’s largest lender ABN Amro in dispute with  major ‎Belgian manufacturer, Arjav Diamonds.    ‎

Still, it was U.S. stability and Indian uncertainty that most defined the diamond market in ‎‎2012. Given its size and spread across the diamond industry, India was arguably the ‎story of 2012. New duties on precious metals imports, including a 2 percent duty on ‎polished diamonds, retroactive taxes, the weak rupee, high rupee-based gold prices, ‎tighter bank lending and liquidity, and sluggish domestic demand all contributed to the ‎slump in trade in the country. ‎

In the weak global economic environment, dealers and manufacturers replaced ‎confidence with caution, as their profit margins were squeezed. Wholesalers and retailers ‎followed suit and curbed their buying, carefully managing smaller inventory. ‎

With just a few days left in 2012, the RapNet Diamond Index (RAPI™) for 1 carat certified ‎diamonds fell about 12.5 percent during the year, extending the downtrend that began in ‎August 2011. An in-depth review of prices will be published shortly in the upcoming ‎Rapaport Diamond Price Statistics Annual Report 2012 in the January edition of the ‎Rapaport Magazine.    ‎

The data reflects an uncertain market that was weakest in the third quarter but that ‎remained tentative even as trading improved toward the end of the year. The following is ‎a summary of the key issues that impacted the diamond market each month, as reported ‎in Rapaport’s Weekly Market Comments. ‎

While these should not be used as a means to forecast the year ahead, they provide an ‎‎important reference point by which current trading can be measured. The trade begins ‎‎2013 with renewed optimism, but it also recognizes that the events, issues and conditions ‎that influenced the market in 2012 will continue to do so in the year to come. Here’s ‎hoping 2013 will be less of a struggle and one of growth and profitability for all.‎


•    Jewelry retailers report steady 2011 Christmas sales with tight profit and ‎increased revenue due to higher prices. ‎
•    High expectations for jewelry sales during the Chinese New Year but diamond ‎dealers cautious as economic growth slows. ‎
•    India imposes 2% import tax on polished diamonds. Indian markets confused and ‎concerned with expectations of lower polished prices. ‎
•    Rough selling at slightly below Diamond Trading Company (DTC) box prices in ‎dealer market ahead of January sight. ‎
•    Rough trading weak as ALROSA cuts prices by about 5%, De Beers reduces ‎prices and changes assortments.  ‎
•    Israeli police arrest 16 people in diamond exchange on money laundering ‎charges.‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -1% in January.‎


•    Far East diamond demand restrained but strong gold demand spurs jewelry sales ‎during Chinese New Year. ‎
•    Hong Kong show okay with steady sales and stable prices improving market ‎sentiment. ‎
•    Belgian polished suppliers hold prices firm despite weak trade at Antwerp ‎Diamond Fair. ‎
•    Buyers remain cautious due to uncertain global economy. ‎
•    Rough premiums improve but confusion remains over DTC box values. ‎
•    Improved demand at rough tenders but excess supply expected to keep dealer ‎trading weak. ‎
•    De Beers keeps prices stable and rough dealer markets improve slightly with ‎most boxes trading close to DTC list. ‎
•    Israeli police investigations significantly reducing local trading activity. ‎
•    Concern that India’s new 2% protectionist polished import tax is destroying its role ‎as primary trading center. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -1.8% in February.‎


•    Global financial and commodity prices soften as European crisis persists and ‎China, Brazil and India lower growth forecasts. U.S. retail demand stable.‎
•    Rough premiums rise as market sentiment improves. ‎
•    Small DTC March sight with prices +2% as sightholder contracts end. ‎
•    Indian rough demand improves but manufacturing still restrained amid tight cutter ‎profit margins. ‎
•    Rio Tinto cuts number of Select Diamantaire clients to 13, explores sale of ‎diamond business.‎
•    Fairly good activity at Basel show with demand for large fancy color and fancy ‎shapes. ‎
•    Polished trading advances on steady Far East and U.S. demand. ‎
•    Indian jewelers limit diamond buying ahead of March 31 financial year-end, ‎declare strike against government tax hike on precious metals imports.‎
•    Tiffany & Co. countersues Swatch Group for $590M damages in failed marketing ‎partnership.  ‎
•    Botswana creates Okavango Diamond Company to conduct government rough ‎sales. ‎
•    EU extends sanctions on Zimbabwe’s Marange diamonds to February 2013.‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. +0.2% in March.‎


•    Indian domestic jewelry market in upheaval as proposed government taxes spark ‎protests. Month-long strike with losses estimated at $200M/day suspended on ‎government commitment to review proposed gold and jewelry tax. ‎
•    U.S. polished demand stable, Far East demand improves ahead of May Day ‎weekend. ‎
•    Strong Indian rough demand, but rough market cautious ahead of May DTC sight. ‎
•    Rough prices appear unsustainable at current levels as polished prices have not ‎kept up with rough price increases. ‎
•    Diamond manufacturers continue to suffer from poor or negative profit margins. ‎
•    Liquidity tight. ‎
•    De Beers confirms 75 DTC sightholders for 2012-15. ‎ ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -0.2% in April.‎


•    De Beers prices firm slightly despite weak rough ‎trading on the secondary ‎market. ‎
•    Pressure for higher polished prices is coming from high ‎rough prices rather than ‎improving consumer demand. ‎
•    Rupee falls to record low. Indian Reserve Bank orders all foreign currency ‎holders to ‎convert 50% of their balances to rupee in reckless attempt to control ‎plunging rupee. ‎ ‎
•    Diamond markets cautious as European crisis fuels uncertainty. ‎
•    Trading slow with low expectations for Vegas shows. U.S. market stable in spite ‎of global economic uncertainty that has weakened foreign demand. ‎
•    CVD synthetic diamonds, diamonds triple treated to avoid detection and ‎diamonds recut to match higher grade GIA reports, being traded without ‎disclosure. IGI finds hundreds of undisclosed synthetic diamonds at labs. ‎
•    Graff withdraws $1B IPO as financial markets unfriend Facebook. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -0.6% in May.‎


•    JCK Las Vegas show exceeds low expectations with very good U.S. demand for ‎affordable VS-SI certs and commercial goods. ‎
•    U.S. taking on role as leading market with steady but price sensitive consumer ‎demand. ‎
•    Expensive large stone demand weak but Triple Ex cut certs selling well to Hong ‎Kong. ‎
•    Overall demand insufficient to support unsustainably high rough price levels. ‎
•    Diamond markets under increasing price pressure as Indian liquidity dries up and ‎rough prices too high relative to polished. ‎
•    De Beers re-assortments adjust prices upward for SI quality and lower for better ‎qualities. ‎
•    DTC sightholders, tired of losing 10% to 20% on overpriced rough, refuse boxes. ‎
•    Rough dealer prices decline with DTC boxes selling at discounts. ‎
•    Far East demand remains sluggish. Polished prices under increasing pressure as ‎poor Hong Kong show disappoints suppliers. ‎
•    India remains highly problematic with tight liquidity and weak local demand. ‎
•    Global markets quiet with increasing concern about global recession. U.S. ‎remains best market for polished. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -1.6% in June.‎


•    Diamond markets quiet with U.S. on vacation and polished inventories ‎sufficient ‎to see through the third quarter. ‎
•    Far East buyers cautious and Indian suppliers under pressure as economic ‎outlook weakens. ‎
•    Buyers avoiding large purchases while suppliers adjusting to lower prices. ‎
•    Rough inventories rise as polished trading volume declines. ‎
•    Weak rough trading. ‎
•    De Beers drops prices average of 3% but sightholders continue to reject non-‎profitable DTC goods. ‎
•    Rough markets under pressure with prices softening, inventories rising and ‎‎cutters losing money. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -5.4% in July.‎


•    All eyes on India as polished suppliers reduce prices while Belgium and Israel are ‎on vacation. ‎
•    Indian market under pressure as weak rupee reduces domestic retail demand and ‎tight credit limits purchasing power and export financing. ‎
•    Mumbai show signals slight increase in domestic jewelry demand with Indians ‎buying jewelry from Indians, while international diamond suppliers experience ‎tough environment due to import taxes. ‎
•    Indian cutters under pressure to keep workers while demand is below capacity ‎and liquidity is tight. ‎
•    Polished demand uncertain with supply manipulations by mining companies ‎unlikely to increase polished price levels. ‎
•    Steady demand for inexpensive lower-quality diamonds, while better-quality ‎stones remain weak. ‎
•    De Beers reduces prices about 10%. Cutters hope cheaper rough will enable ‎profitable fourth quarter season. ‎
•    ALROSA lowers supply to the market and approves sale to Gokhran (Russian ‎Treasury) for first time since 2009.‎
•    Anglo American completes Oppenheimer buyout of De Beers. De Beers shifts ‎diamond sorting operations from London to Gaborone. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -0.8% in August.‎


•    Market attitude better as cutter profitability improves due to lower rough prices. ‎
•    Chinese buyers hoping recent rough price reductions will enable lower polished ‎prices but dealers holding price levels to avoid losses. ‎
•    Prices for SI goods firm but VVS qualities doing poorly. ‎
•    Polished suppliers hoping that renewed Far East demand will improve industry ‎sentiment and stabilize price levels. ‎
•    Polished trading selective and price sensitive as Hong Kong show reflects ‎mediocre Far East demand ahead of China’s October 1 holiday. ‎
•    Sales better than expected but price sensitive ‎Chinese buyers still not buying for ‎inventory. ‎
•    Rising concerns about polished shortages ‎as Indian manufacturing remains below ‎capacity. ‎
•    Mining companies under pressure due to weak demand. ‎
•    Rough trading quiet and stable following De Beers price cut with DTC boxes ‎fetching low single-digit premiums. ‎
•    Rough demand weak with tight cutters’ profit margins. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -0.7% in September.‎


•    Retailers maintaining tight inventory and limiting purchases to short-term demand. ‎‎
•    Stable jewelry demand during China’s Golden Week but Far East consumers are ‎cautious and selective due to the tough global economy. ‎
•    Diamond manufacturers reducing output as mining companies lower rough ‎production ‎targets. ‎
•    Diamond trading relatively weak as buyers uncertain if prices have bottomed out, ‎but market sentiment improving slightly as holiday season approaches. ‎
•    Buyers delaying inventory purchases amid persistent price uncertainty. ‎
•    Large De Beers sight with prices stable. ‎
•    Dealers hoping polished market will stabilize but recent surge in rough sales will ‎significantly increase polished supply. ‎
•    Rough trading weak with slight premiums on DTC boxes. ‎
•    De Beers consolidates brand to phase out DTC, Diamdel, names and appoints ‎Cynthia Carroll as chairperson. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -1.8% in October.‎


•    U.S. wealthy brace for tax hikes as President Obama wins second term in the ‎White House. ‎
•    Far East retailers hope China’s leadership change will restore consumer ‎confidence and luxury spending. ‎
•    Indian retail jewelry demand improves as Diwali sales beat ‎low ‎expectations on ‎strong gold demand. ‎
•    Rough trading weak after uneventful De Beers sight and as Surat factories close ‎for one month Diwali vacation. ‎
•    Polished trading improves as dealers fill last-minute holiday orders. ‎
•    Heavy retail discounting expected as U.S. consumer confidence improves ‎slightly. ‎
•    Bargain shoppers drive Thanksgiving weekend sales. Jewelry mixed with strong ‎online sales growth but tough economy ‎weighs on top jewelers. ‎
•    Harry Winston to buy Ekati mine for $500M. ‎
•    ALROSA reveals Russia diamond reserve at 631M cts, signs supply deals with ‎Chow Tai Fook and Tiffany & Co. ‎
•    Cynthia Carroll resigns as Anglo CEO, De Beers chairperson.‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. -0.7% in November.‎


•    Holiday demand drives steady polished trading with very good U.S. demand for ‎SI qualities. ‎
•    Jewelers discounting heavily.‎
•    U.S. market steady with consistent orders from major retailers amid concern ‎increased taxes will significantly reduce consumer demand for luxury products. ‎
•    Demand for 0.30-0.40ct., H+, VS+ certs. improving as Chinese New Year ‎approaches. ‎
•    Prices for green, grey and brown tinted diamonds 10-15% below non-tinted as ‎green tint often indicates Marange, Zimbabwe origin.‎
•    Expensive and small De Beers sight. ‎
•    Weak rough trading and low premiums on De Beers boxes as Indian cutters hold ‎enough inventory for low post-Diwali manufacturing but with shortages in popular ‎SI, non-tint, GIA-certified stones.‎
•    Demand for non-De Beers rough improves on expectations of limited supply. ‎
•    ALROSA sells $230M rough to Gokhran in 2012. ‎
•    ABN Amro Bank in dispute with Arjav Diamonds Belgium with claims of $154M ‎and Arjav counterclaim of $230M. ‎
•    RAPI for 1 ct. expected approximately -0.1% in December.‎

‎1.‎    India’s Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB), where many of the large polished ‎suppliers are now located.  (Rapaport news)‎
‎2.‎    International Gemological Institute (IGI) lab in Antwerp, where hundreds of non-‎disclosed CVD synthetic diamonds were found. (Source: IGI) ‎
‎3.‎    De Beers and Botswana officials at the launch of De Beers sorting activities in ‎Gaborone, Botswana. (Source: De Beers)‎
‎4.‎    BHP Billiton exits the diamond sector by agreeing to sell the Ekati mine to Harry ‎Winston.  (Source: BHP Billiton)‎

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