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GGTL Laboratories

Swiss branch: GemTechLab Laboratory
GemTechLab Laboratory 4bis, route des Jeunes CH – 1227
Les Acacias, Genève, Switzerland
Office: 4122.731.5880    Mobile: 4179.287.7724

Liechtenstein branch: GEMLAB (Liechtenstein) Laboratory
Gnetsch 42, LI – 9496 Balzers, Liechtenstein
Office: 423.262.24.64    Mobile: 4179.639.56.43
W: www.ggtl-lab.org, www.gemlab.net, www.gemtechlab.ch
E: laboratory@ggtl-lab.org, thomas.hainschwang@ggtl-lab.org

CONTACTS: Thomas Hainschwang (German, English, French, Spanish), Franck Notari (French, English).
OWNERS: Franck Notari and Thomas Hainschwang.
DIRECTORS: Thomas Hainschwang and Franck Notari.
SPECIALIZATION: All gemological testing.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Very high-resolution five-laser photoluminescence/Raman system, three-dimensional X-ray radiography, high-sensitivity deep UV imaging, photo-induced absorption, 2x proportion scanners for cut and rough.
SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENT: 2x FTIR spectrometer, 2x EDXRF Systems, 3x UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer, FT-Raman, 2x luminescence imaging, high-resolution imaging, 2x radioactivity detector.
SERVICES OFFERED: All types of gemological services.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: All types of gemological reports.
DIAMOND CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Colorless diamonds, IIa diamonds, melee colorless diamonds, melee colored diamonds, colored diamonds color authentication and grading.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Various gemological courses for professionals. Franck Notari is a lecturer at the University of Nantes for the D.U.G. (University Diploma of Gemology).

Gübelin Gem Lab Ltd.
Switzerland branch:
Maihofstrasse 102, 6006 Lucerne, Switzerland
T: 41.41.429.1717    F: 41.41.429.1734
W: www.gubelingemlab.ch    E: info@gubelingemlab.ch
CONTACT: Corinne Bloechlinger

Hong Kong branch:
Room 1005, 10/F, Aon China Building
29 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong
T: 852.2868.2781    F: 852.2868.2791
W: hkg@gubelingemlab.ch    E: www.gubelingemlab.ch
CONTACT: Angela Ip

OWNER: Raphael and Sara Gübelin.
DIRECTOR: Dr. Daniel Nyfeler
SPECIALIZATION: The oldest privately owned gemological laboratory, with expertise and knowledge accumulated over more than nine decades. Country-of-origin determination for select colored stones, in particular, ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite, spinel and paraiba tourmaline. Diamond grading and origin-of-color determination for colorless and fancy color diamonds. Broad range of gemological research. Traveling to mining areas to collect reference samples from new gemstone sources.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Standard gemological equipment, in addition to UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer, UV and green laser Renishaw Raman spectrometer, FTIR spectrometer, multichannel color spectrometer, X-ray radiography, EDXRF spectrometer, LA-ICP-MS. In addition to this equipment, the laboratory continually works in cooperation with universities and international research organizations (e.g. X-ray tomography).
SERVICES OFFERED: Gemstone identification and testing of authenticity for unmounted stones and stones set in jewelry, determination of gemstone origin for most types of high-value colored gemstones, as far as possible. Identification of all gem materials and imitations, including the detection of gemstone enhancements (e.g., beryllium treatment). Identification, testing and quality grading of commercial and fancy color diamonds, as well as origin-of-color determination. Pearl identification and determination of origin of color. Distinction of saltwater and freshwater pearls and detection of natural or cultured formation. Regular off-premise consultations in New York, Bangkok and other locations. Weekly (free) shuttle service between several global trading centers and Lucerne.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Colored gemstone report includes identification of species, variety and full disclosure of gemstone enhancements, in particular, thermal enhancement of corundum and clarity enhancement of emerald and other gemstones. Diamond reports include clarity, color, polish and symmetry grading. Fancy color diamond reports additionally include clarity grades upon request of the client and determination of origin of color, i.e., natural, treated. Pearl reports, issued on single pearls, strands or mounted pearls, include type (freshwater, saltwater, natural and cultured) and color determination. Gemstone, fancy color diamond and pearl reports include a color photo of the item described.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Various seminars and lectures held throughout the year, mainly in Asia.

Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF)
Falknerstrasse 9, CH-4001 Basel
T:    F:
W: www.ssef.ch    E: admin@ssef.ch

OWNER: The SSEF is a nonprofit organization/foundation founded in 1974 by the associations of the Swiss gemstone and jewelry trade.
DIRECTOR: Dr. Michael S. Krzemnicki, FGA
SPECIALIZATION: General gemological services to private and trade include color stone identification, including origin and treatments, diamond quality grading, diamond color authenticity, including HPHT for treated IIa diamonds and high-temperature (HT) for treated black diamonds, beryllium treatment detection in orange sapphires and pearl identification.
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Standard laboratory equipment for gemstone and pearl testing in addition to the following instruments: two UV-Vis spectrophotometers, three FTIR spectrometers, three Raman microspectrometers, photoluminescence analysis, LIBS, EDXFA, X-ray radiography and X-luminescence, micro X-ray tomography and DiamondView.
SERVICES OFFERED: Diamond grading report, diamond color authenticity, colored stone reports, including treatment detection and origin determination for colored stones (e.g. ruby, sapphire, emerald and alexandrite) under favorable analytical conditions. Fissure filler identification for emerald upon request and feasibility.
PRODUCTS OFFERED: SSEF Type II Diamond Spotter, SSEF Blue Diamond Tester, portable UV-Vis spectrometer, cryogenic sample cell for spectroscopy of diamonds.
CERTIFICATES/REPORTS: Diamond grading reports (following CIBJO regulations) include the 4Cs, the type of diamond and any detected treatment. For fancy color diamonds, report includes determination of color authenticity (i.e., natural, treated), with diamond grading on request. Colored gemstone report includes identification of mineral species, variety and full disclosure of gemstone enhancements, in particular, heating of corundum and clarity modification of emerald and other gemstones. Origin determination for colored stones (e.g. ruby, sapphire, emerald, alexandrite) available on request. Pearl reports for single pearls, strands or mounted pearls include type (natural and cultured), formation (freshwater, saltwater) and color authenticity. All reports include a color photo of the item described. For exceptional gemstones and jewelry items, the lab issues an additional appendix for the report.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: Extensive gemological course program, from basic formations to advanced gemological training, including FGA examination assistance. Also offered: scientific gemology courses for expert gemologists. 

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